A Croatian Vacation; Brushing the Hungarian Border Barrier and Visiting Industrial Customers

February 25, 2016  

When most visualize a week-long getaway to sunny Croatia, they picture the diamonds of the Dalmatian coast, picturesque seaside resorts where the blue waters of the Adriatic lap against bright beaches and suntanned tourist stroll through UNESCO sites steeped in history.

Murvica Beach, Croatia.  Blue waters of the Adriatic wash the sun-drenched Dalmatian coast.

Murvica Beach, Croatia. Blue waters of the Adriatic wash the sun-drenched Dalmatian coast.

Though that’s nice, it’s not for FERMAT.  It’s not for the successful, hard-nosed Czech machine tool maker that keeps manufacturing humming worldwide.  A FERMAT vacation is one of production.  We travel to customers who bask in the warmth of modern manufacturing, gardens of grit and energetic homes devoted to CNC horizontal boring mills and machine tools.

Hungarian Border Barrier with Croatia, Razor Wire, European Immigration, Asylum Seekers

Hungarian Border Barrier with Croatia, Fence, Razor Wire, and view of where the grass is always greener on the other side.

Last week, Mr. Ladislav Valdman, FERMAT’s Sales Manager, toured the more industrialized areas of the north of the country, skirting its shiny, new razor-wire fence (built compliments of Hungary), staying at the most posh motels ever nestled along scenic byways of industrial zones.

Mr. Ladislav Valdman, FERMAT Sales Manager, Checking in to Elegant, Luxurious Accommodation, with Picture of Horses and Concierge on Duty

Mr. Ladislav Valdman, FERMAT Sales Manager, Checking in to Elegant, Luxurious Accommodation, with a Picture of Horses and the Concierge on Duty.

Although one might think it’s all fun and games, Mr. Valdman was busy calling upon local customers, making sure their machine tools are running smoothly and that they’re 100% satisfied with FERMAT’s horizontal boring machines, accessories, and its customer service.  After the positive feedback, Mr. Valdman paid a visit to a few companies that have enquired about FERMAT’s machine tools.  He explained in person their cost-effective benefits, laying out the ways in which they will improve their manufacturing and production.  Let’s hope they make the right decision and Mr. Valdman will check in on them to see how they are doing—and their brand-new FERMAT machine tools—during his next trip to sunny Croatia and its touristy northern industrial zones.

Summing up his experience having talked with customers in various locations from Canada to Croatia and Qatar, and learning why they selected FERMAT machine tools, Mr. Valdman has found a common principle to be true across diverse cultures and regions:

What gives FERMAT an edge over its competitors in the machine tool business is not only its outstanding technology and design, smart solutions, turn-key projects and special machines, but also its customer support, its wholehearted commitment to excellent service to foster a long-term commercial relationship of mutual benefit.  FERMAT isn’t looking to sell a machine, but rather, to gain another satisfied customer.

The two machine tools under consideration by the potential customers Mr. Valdman recently visited in Croatia are FERMAT’s most popular table-type CNC horizontal boring machine, WFT 13 CNC, which embodies the best technological concepts to date in powerful and precise machining and FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC, the sturdy, amazingly clever, crosswise table-type horizontal boring machine with its eye-catching new design.

FERMAT’s WFT 13 CNC has a hefty spindle diameter of 130 mm, a long spindle travel of 730 mm to reach far into the workpiece, and the most precise rotary table in its category, allowing for high-precision machining and contouring of heavy workpieces.  FERMAT’s newer version of this champion, WFT 13 R CNC, mirrors the strengths of its predecessor but brings with it an even longer reach with its ram stroke of 700 mm.  Contributing to the solid build of both versions of FERMAT’s most popular machine tool is a thick, robust Y-axis ball screw (with a diameter 80 mm), and a rigid, well-designed column that can withstand heavy machining.  Precise, exact, on-target machining is guaranteed with Heidenhain linear scales, a spindle thermal monitoring system, and a no stick-slip, superbly-engineered rotary table.

FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC is the smallest in FERMAT’s line of CNC horizontal boring mills; it is equipped with a spindle diameter of either 100 mm or 110 mm, and it can easily handle workpieces weighing up to 5000 Kg on its dynamic, crosswise, rotary table.   With its fixed column for stability, a powerful headstock, spindle travel of 730 mm, and an ingenious rotary table that moves crosswise on box guideways, FERMAT WFC 10 CNC is the answer to tough machining in close quarters for all small and medium size workpieces.

FERMAT’s modular design of manufacturing and range of optional accessories allows for all of FERMAT’s machine tools to be custom-made, reconfigured and outfitted to fit manufacturing requirements as to space and work load.  Optional accessories include Robotic Tool Changers, Automatic Tool Changers (ATC), Automatic Pallet Changer Systems (APC), and universal micro indexing automatic milling heads, operator shields and platforms. All components are produced directly by FERMAT or supplied by world-renowned manufacturers.

Please visit, http://www.fermatmachinery.com/products, for information on the different FERMAT machine tools and accessories that can improve your manufacturing business. Also, try to Build Your Own machine using our on-line configurator found on our homepage, http://www.fermatmachinery.com/. Should you have any enquiries, please send us an e-mail: export@fermatmachinery.com, or for the U.S. market, e-mail Lucas Precision, a FERMAT Group company: info@lucasprecision.com, or call toll-free: 1-800-336-1262, or telephone in the U.S.: (216) 451-5588, or send us a fax (216) 451-5174.