A look back, FERMAT’s act of charity for the children’s home Dagmar

October 5, 2017  

FERMAT charity drive_cleaning supplies and toiletries for children of Detsky domov Dagmar_Brno_Czechia

In the fiercely competitive world of modern industry, sometimes it’s easy to forget the true definition of success lies not only in excellence in manufacturing, service and sales, but also in the benefits a company provides its community.  With the heart of FERMAT’s manufacturing and assembly halls in Brno, it’s only right that FERMAT should help those less fortunate in its own hometown.

FERMAT charity drive supplying materials to childrens home in Brno_Czechia_Detsky domov Dagmar

This past spring, FERMAT employees and management organized a collection drive to provide both material and financial support for a local children’s home in Brno, Detsky domov Dagmar.  Filling the crates were such practical gifts as household products, garden equipment, toiletries, cosmetics, cleaners, paper products, coloring books, pens, pencils, school supplies, as well as vouchers for the purchase of clothing, shoes, and home furnishings.  To make shopping even easier, FERMAT donated an additional 10,000 CZK.

FERMAT charity drive for childrens home Dagmar in Brno_Czechia_vouchers for clothing shoes home furnishings

We thank our employees for their dedication to the welfare of their community.  We are always proud to support their generous, thoughtful, and kind efforts of assistance and charity.

Detsky domov Dagmar_Childrens home in Brno_Czechia

About the children’s home Detsky domov Dagmar

The charitable organization Detsky domov Dagmar is a children’s home providing care and education to kids from 3 to 18 years old, even 19 when based on a court’s decision regarding their institutional care and protection.  All efforts are made to facilitate their healthy upbringing, formulate their proper education and positive outlook, prevent origins of negative and destructive behavior, as well as diminish or remove the root causes of disruptions to their growth and wellbeing.

An interesting side note

Detsky domov Dagmar sprung out of the initiative of a resident of Brno, the poet, journalist, and writer, Mr. Rudolf Tesnohlidek, in the 1920s, who borrowed from Danish customs of communal contributions and charity.  Through his efforts, annual charity drives dubbed Christmas Trees of the Republic gathered enough financial contributions that construction  of a new children’s home could begin in December 1928.  In remembrance of this Danish inspiration, the institution carries the name of the Czech-connected Danish queen Dagmar, the daughter of Czech king Premysl Otakar I, who gained fame for her generosity and good works.   (Source: http://www.dddagmar.cz/)

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