All work and no play

July 28, 2017  
Tomas Slavik FERMAT

Tomas Slavik accepting the trophy and celebratory champagne on behalf of Dream Team.

And the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’
And the cotton is high

Your daddy’s rich
And your mamma’s good lookin’
So hush little baby
Don’t you cry

Unless, of course, you missed out on FERMAT’s 4th annual fun-filled, exciting football tournament (soccer tournament to our friends in the US and Australia), the FERMAT Cup, held June 23rd in Brno, Czech Republic.  Under blue skies, the sporting activity was a truly festive affair on a balmy summer day with plenty of food and drinks for both players and spectators to enjoy.

Traditional Moravian breakfast of champions served on the sidelines all day long.

Traditional Moravian breakfast of champions, served on the sidelines all day long.

Vying for the title this year were some of FERMAT’s best machine tool athletes from Brno, Lipnik nad Becvou, Prague, and Prakovce, Slovakia.  Brno sent the lion’s share, fielding 8 teams from its massive works in Brno-Slatina, while Prague and Prakovce sent one team each.  The sheer numbers and winged-foot talent of the home teams almost guaranteed a sweep of the medals, but the visitors never gave up, fighting tooth-and-nail.  In the end, Brno did rack up both gold and silver, while our colleagues from Prakovce, Slovakia, carried home the bronze after dispatching Jan Kropacek, Ladislav Valdman, Vaclav Chvatlina and the rest of their team back to Prague, empty-handed.

Ladislav Valdman_Jan Kropacek_Vaclav Chvatlina_FERMAT

Fourth Place

The final roundup

Gold: Dream Team (The fleet-footed defending champions from 2016.)

Silver: Dabl Ju Ar Ef (“WRF.”)

Bronze: Pantoflare

Potato: The Prague Comet (It burned bright for a little bit.)

No matter how they placed, all were winners for enjoying sports, fine refreshments, and camaraderie on a beautiful, sunny day.  Hats off to all the players, organizers and participants for a job well done… and three cheers for Dream Team.


FERMAT soccer ball

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