Another giant on the rise: FERMAT’s building an even bigger gantry in Brno.

August 22, 2018  
FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_Gantry construction in Brno Czechia_Gantry_Imperial Walker in production_Before and After

(Walker Assault by BarricadeCaptures,, modified, provided under license CC BY 2.0)

It looks like an Imperial Walker straight out of Star Wars.  But this behemoth’s even more handy, especially if you’re taking on the Rebel Alliance.  With it, you can build all sorts of incredible machines, including Death Stars, that will help you dominate the galaxy… or at least make a fortune in modern manufacturing and dominate the market.

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_gantry construction in Brno_Czechia

FERMAT’s creating this gargantuan machine tool in its central manufacturing and assembly halls in Brno.  Scheduled to be unleashed upon the world by early 2019, it’ll march forth across snowy fields, or ones in early bloom, in immense proportions, impressing the troops with an X axis of 20 meters and a Y axis of 7.8 meters.   With a spindle diameter of 160 mm, spindle travel of 1 meter, and a Z axis (ram stroke) of 2 meters, FERMAT’s monster gantry will annihilate unwanted iron and steel deep into the center of massive workpieces.

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_gantry construction in Brno_Czechia_columns and double column traverse_Making an Imperial Walker

Outfitted with 2 of FERMAT’s specially-designed servo-drive universal automatic milling heads (indexing 0.001°/0.001°) and a robot tool changer with 140 tools, it delivers a quick and decisive knock-out punch to even the toughest machining challenges.  The Rebel Alliance doesn’t stand a chance!

FERMAT Machine tool manufacturer_Just say NO to the Rebel Alliance

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