Birds of a Feather: FERMAT Machine Tool and JANSEN & ZÜHLKE, January 2017

February 14, 2017  

With the advent of the Chinese New Year, FERMAT Machine Tool manufactured its largest-ever cylindrical grinder for its German customer JANSEN & ZÜHLKE, an expert in “surface technology.”  With 2017 being the year of the Rooster, in particular the Fire Rooster, what could be better for a company specializing in thermal coatings of high-stress workpieces for the manufacturing sector, machinery, shipbuilding, paper and steel mills , as well as power plants, than to have the very best cylindrical grinder on the market to create its unique products?

Rooster_and_hen,_Dong_Ho_picture,_paper_-_Vietnam_National_Museum_of_Fine_Arts_-_Hanoi,_Vietnam_special breed of FERMAT Rooster

Time to Crow

Yes, FERMAT Machine Tool’s not known for being modest; being the absolute best manufacturer of CNC cylindrical grinders world-wide does give one much to crow about.  And, its latest machine, FERMAT’s BHC 100/4000 CNC, produced specially for JANSEN & ZÜHLKE, is something to be very proud of indeed.  Hence the snazzy photo.

FERMAT Machine Tool's latest cylindrical grinder BHC 100/4000 CNC

The BHC 100/4000 CNC is one of the largest and most efficient cylindrical grinders FERMAT Machine Tool has ever built.  It was tailor-made to fulfill the customer’s strict demands of absolutely perfect grinding from a machine with a sleek, modern design, and an acceptable price.  Moreover, with FERMAT Machine Tool’s excellent service and quick delivery, the competition simply doesn’t stand a chance:  A beautiful, powerful machine, perfect grinding, excellent service and quick delivery—all at a reasonable cost—now, that’s something to crow about.

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