Brains and Brawn

April 14, 2016  

In combining the strength of an immense, oversize CNC floor-type horizontal boring machine with one of the most precise universal micro indexing automatic milling heads on the market, FERMAT created a machine tool able to perform an array of machining techniques in extremely fine detail.  FERMAT’s in-house universal micro indexing automatic milling head (UHAmi 30), with indexing of 0.001°/0.001°, high precision bearings, ground gears, and speed up to 3,000 rpm provides excellent machining both inside and outside of any large or small workpiece.

All of FERMAT’s horizontal boring machines, even the large, massive ones are not only capable of powerful and heavy cutting but also detailed and precise work.  A machine test of FERMAT’s WRF 160 CNC using FERMAT’s custom-designed universal micro indexing milling head equipped with a vertical face milling tool and also a side milling tool, known as a “porky” cutter (porcupine milling cutter), can be seen here chewing away at an old-style milling head, executing light, exact face milling and circular interpolation :

When the cutting is less glamorous and more rough and rugged, you can take off the gloves and utilize the hard-hitting power of FERMAT’s top-of-the-line, heavy duty floor type boring mill, WRF 160 CNC, with ram stroke of 1,200 mm, spindle extension of 1,000 mm, and spindle diameter of 160 mm.  This monster horizontal boring machine is perfectly engineered for machining heavy or bulky workpieces, especially when equipped with its own FERMAT-designed rotary table that is incredibly precise, with no stick-slip problems, and boasts a herculean load bearing capacity.

WRF 160 CNC and FERMAT's Universal Micro Indexing Automatic Milling Head

FERMAT’s WRF 160 CNC and its in-house, custom-designed Universal Micro Indexing Automatic Milling Head

Like all of FERMAT’s CNC horizontal boring machines, the ram for WRF 160 CNC is made of ductile iron, toughened and strengthened through annealing.  Its accuracy is enhanced using ball screws and linear positioning scales, ensuring perfect alignment even when milling difficult and punishing workloads.  The column is uniquely constructed for the utmost rigidity and firmness, allowing maximum power and precision throughout all machining techniques.

FERMAT’s own Universal Micro Indexing Automatic Milling Head – UHA mi 30

FERMAT's own Universal Micro Indexing Automatic Milling Head

Speed: 10 – 3,000 rpm
Power: 30 kW (40 HP)
Torque: 1,600 Nm
Indexing: 0.001° / 0.001°
Clamping torque: A-Axis 3,800 Nm, C-Axis 6,500 Nm

  • Spindle Taper SK 50 (DIN, ANSI, MAS)
  • Hydraulic tool unclamping
  • Tool clamping force 20 kN
  • Angle contact, high precision bearings mounted on the tool-holder spindle, trio at the forward side and couple the back side
  • Ground gears
  • Internal coolant via the spindle
  • External tool coolant
  • Rotary encoder at both axes
  • Taper air-jet
  • A axis range ± 360°
  • C axis range ± 180°

Because it manufactures its own state-of-the-art universal micro indexing automatic milling heads and designs its machine tools to handle even the toughest challenges, FERMAT offers its customers not only the most solidly-built CNC horizontal boring machines (both table-type and floor-type) but also the very best range of accessories on the market.

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