Brand-new WFC 10 CNC built for Bastuck Maschinenbau GmbH at FERMAT’s facilities in Lipnik nad Becvou

March 19, 2019  

Lipnik FERMAT factory

In February 2019, FERMAT representatives invited its German customer Bastuck Maschinenbau GmbH (Bastuck) to Lipnik nad Becvou for pre-acceptance of its brand-new, made-to-order WFC 10 CNC.  This compact table-type horizontal boring mill has a fixed column providing excellent rigidity; its ingenious crosswise CNC rotary table construction allows the table to move flawlessly in both X and Z axes, and it’s outfitted with a 100 mm (or optional 110 mm) spindle for powerful and precise machining of small and medium-size workpieces.

WFC 10 CNC crosswise table-type horizontal boring mill spindle diameter 110 mm

The machine Bastuck’s taking home, its specifications and parameters

Bastuck’s WFC 10 CNC has an X axis of 2 meters, Y axis of 1.7 meters, and Z axis of 1.25 meters; and, its CNC rotary table is 1.4 x 1.6 meters with a load capacity 5 metric tons.  It boasts a spindle diameter of 110 mm, a spindle travel of 730 mm, and it comes with a Heidenhain control system, through-spindle coolant, and a 40-tool ATC.

WFC 10 CNC rotary table

Bastuck Maschinenbau GmbH

Bastuck webpage

According to its website, Bastuck performs a variety of machining techniques, including turning, grinding, boring, and milling workpieces, according to their customers’ unique specifications.  Bastuck is also involved in welding and specialized repair work.  In addition to conventional machines, the company operates several “modern CNC machines for a wide variety of machining operations.”  Undoubtedly, the company already has great plans for fully utilizing the superb performance of its new WFC 10 CNC for pushing production, and profits, even higher.


Lipnik nad Becvou

Nestled in the rolling hills of middle Moravia under the watchful eye of Helfstyn castle, Lipnik nad Becvou–where FERMAT manufactures its smaller table-type horizontal boring mills–began as a crossroads of trade and grew over the centuries into a local hub of commerce, manufacturing, and metalwork.  A great location rich in history, this small town has successfully blended craftsmanship with rustic charm, where some of the most advanced machine tool of modern industry are manufactured within walking distance of medieval fortifications, renaissance architecture, and baroque sculpture.  It affords a picturesque location, with a highly-skilled workforce, just a little over an hour’s drive from FERMAT’s main manufacturing facilities in Brno.

Lipnik nad Becvou

Lipnik nad Becvou_Church of Saint Jacob and bell tower

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