Breaking the ice in style. FERMAT visits its dealer in Canada, presents the colors, and enjoys a luncheon, an open house with barbeque, and an outdoor party with live music.

September 20, 2018  

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_Seawolf class sub and Los Angeles class_arctic ice_USN photo by MC 2nd class Micheal H Lee

At the beginning of September, Ms. Irena Dvorakova, FERMAT’s sales representative for Canada, ventured to the Great White North to participate in an open house organized by FERMAT’s Canadian dealer, Megatel, at its spacious offices in Windsor, Canada.

Megatel office Windsor Canada

Megatel has been in the machine tool business since 1980.  As stated on their website, their focus over the years “has expanded to cover a wide range of machining applications, including multi-axis turning and machining, both large and small, all across Eastern Canada.”  With the gilded invitation in pocket, FERMAT gladly turned up for the show-and-tell with all the partners and acquaintances of such a well-connected dealer—who also has offices in Mississauga, ON, and Montreal, QC.

“Let’s see what’s in your carry-on bag.”

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_open house at Megatel_FERMAT stand

Even though FERMAT travelled light, it could still pull out of its suitcase the X axis of a WFT 13 CNC table-type horizontal boring mill (which happens to be in stock and up for grabs for anyone in US/Canada, along with another, a WFT 13 R, a similar version but with a ram stroke of 700 mm), plastic models of machines and milling heads, a TV, and hip, machine-adorned posters.  That, plus hard-hitting commentary from Ms. Dvorakova, wowed the audience and made in-roads with the machine tool moguls, among whom were all three directors of Megatel.

Have your cake and eat it too, or How to properly throw a luncheon and open-house

You can thank their clever mindset and warm hospitality for melding a business event with a fun and relaxing party.  The luncheon was right on mark, meeting all expectations.  But what really took the prize was the open house, with fresh barbeque served from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, providing a rewarding, mouth-watering, tasty atmosphere.  Afterwards, Megatel kicked off a fabulous tent party under fair skies with live music and a dance floor, where all attendees could put their best foot forward.  The host really outdid himself.  As Ms. Dvorakova put it, “I was really impressed.  Good food, nice people, a superb event.  I’ll definitely be back.”

Sightseeing, the life of a working tourist

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_CN Tower_Toronto_Canada

Like all hardworking members of FERMAT’s sales team, Ms. Dvorakova took a little time to soak in the sights and sounds of Ontario, Canada.  From the waters that lap the shore of St. Clair Lake to the lights and towering structures of downtown Toronto, she enjoyed her trip, the food, the culture, the surroundings, but especially the fine hospitality of FERMAT’s friends.

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_St. Clair Lake_Windsor Canada

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