Buy a machine, win a tour of Brno!

December 13, 2018  

Brno Dragon Town Hall

Mr. Jakub Kominka, in addition to being head of FERMAT’s education and film production depts., has taken on the new role of FERMAT’s foreign-born tour guide of Brno.  Hospitality is his middle name.  So, on the latest occasion of a pre-acceptance visit by a FERMAT customer, Mr. Kominka went all-out.

Brno nativity scene Valmet

The lucky customer was VALMET, “the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries,” which came to inspect and sign-off on its new giant-size, floor-type horizontal boring mill, WRF 160.  The machine’s destined to grace VALMET’s Florence Service Center, in Florence, Alabama, USA.  This WRF 160 will have snazzy, new covers and a sharp, cozy and comfortable FERMAT operator cabin.

Two representatives from VALMET, Messrs. Hans Bengtsson and Carey Courtney, arrived in late November and spent 3 days enjoying the sights and sounds of FERMAT’s manufacturing facilities, as well as other famous tourist attractions in Brno.

Mr. Kominka shared with them the crème de la crème of Brno’s cultural wonders and seasonal festivities; dragons, churches, Christmas trees, and much more.

Brno Moravia Czech Republic Church

Christmas decorations Brno Valmet

Microbrewery Brno Valmet

Though they had a marvelous time sightseeing with Mr. Kominka, who’s very generous towards his guests, what really brought them to town wasn’t just the fine dining and the mysterious nooks and crannies of Moravia’s shining city on the hill, but rather, the industrial radiance of their brand-new FERMAT oversize horizontal boring mill, WRF 160.  Their trip to Brno, pre-acceptance and grand tour with their host, went very well indeed.

Valmet Brno FERMAT WRF 160 floor type horizontal boring mill

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