Cabins and Control Systems; Cozy Caves and Happy Helms for CNC Machinists

April 20, 2016  

With lots of sharp tools to play with, ripping iron and shredding steel, no machinist is bored boring and milling with FERMAT’s top-of-the-line, most popular table-type CNC horizontal boring mill, WFT 13 CNC. FERMAT’s industrious engineers created an impressive machine for nearly all occasions, a table-type horizontal boring mill with a powerful headstock, a spindle diameter of 130 mm (or 150 mm), spindle travel of 730 mm, and an extremely precise CNC rotary table that holds 20 metric tons. It can machine with ease workpieces 5 meters wide and 3.5 meters tall; and its newer version, WFT 13 R CNC, comes with a ram stroke of 700 mm to reach deep into the center of the workpiece.

Control system's operating panel and keyboard, where machinists can play their favorite factory games.

All FERMAT CNC Horizontal Boring Machines are equipped with a beautiful 15” LCD display, an opulent operating panel with a keyboard, and a dandy electronic hand-wheel to pilot the control system.  A bottle of water is optional.

Machinists ride first-class in FERMAT’s WFT 13 CNC, enjoying the benefits of their own private cabin, a comfy home to spend hours playing with their snazzy computer panel, steering the roaring machine, expertly crafting a vital component for an expensive product from a cold hunk of steel.  The standard control systems in all of FERMAT’s machines are either Siemens, Heidenhain, or Fanuc.  Should the machinist suffer from motion sickness or is afraid of heights, no problem, FERMAT also provides an inexpensive answer, a workstation that stays put and protects the operator from all the flying metal chips and coolant splash—a tough, handsome safety screen, a sturdy shield to hide behind while machining.

A recent video covering FERMAT’s most popular workhorse, WFT 13 CNC and WFT 13 R CNC, shot at FERMAT’s assembly hall in Brno, Czech Republic, shows the different operator cabins and control systems available to entertain your hard-working machinists all day long.

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