Casing the joint; FERMAT goes to the town of Dobris to see the sites and visit Bobcat’s new Innovation and Development Center for an upcoming video

April 17, 2018  

FERMAT Machine tool manufacturer_Dobris Chateaux entrance

Last week, members of FERMAT’s video production team called on an important customer in the Central Bohemian town of Dobris, located about 40 km south of Prague.  The customer, Bobcat Doosan, recently purchased a shiny, new FERMAT WFT 13 CNC for its innovation and development center, built alongside Bobcat’s extensive manufacturing and assembly plant and training center.

Taking advantage of good weather and an early entrance, FERMAT’s in-house film crew dropped by the local chateaux to see a pearl of historical construction and artwork before jumping into Bobcat’s buildings to discover its industry-leading innovative design, development and product testing facility.  In Dobris, there’s an interesting parallel between its older cultural heritage and its newer industrial component in the demand for excellence in both structure, function, and form.  And, it’s something we thoroughly enjoyed.

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_ Dobris Chateaux with sign

FERMAT machinery machine tool manufacturer_Dobris chateaux first courtyard

FERMAT horizontal boring mills_Dobris chateaux view from within

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_Dobris chateaux view from within the other side

Two soldiers at Dobris chateaux

FERMAT met with Mr. Alex Kostak, Prototype Operations and Validation Manager at Bobcat, to learn about the unique manufacturing complex and hash out a plan for a video highlighting the advanced manufacturing solutions it provides—and how FERMAT plays a role in this process.

Mr. Kostak was very kind enough to give us a personal tour and explain the purpose of Bobcat’s innovation and development center, its machines and equipment from almost every angle, for which we are very appreciative.  The video, which will be shot in a few months, will allow viewers a special, behind-the-scenes glimpse of this truly remarkable facility.

Bobcat Doosan webpage

Innovation and Development Center, opened in 2014, encompassing 8,000 m2

What is this nuts-and-bolts creative think-tank and metalworking playground?  What’s its purpose and what does it do?  And, what tools does it have at its disposal to fulfill its mission?

As stated on its website:

The aim of the innovation center is to create top-notch innovation of a truly worldwide standard in all areas of Bobcat’s business and accelerate the launch of new products on the market.  World-class quality, dependability, and durability of our machines is our goal.  It’s the European center, connecting technical perfection, validation and testing of our machines, with equipment that’s multifunctional, team oriented, and places an emphasis on the development of innovative solutions which exceed expectations and provide timely results contributing to the achievement of project objectives. 

The innovation and development center provides complete design, development and testing of the machines made at the plant. It also builds and tests prototypes in order to support development processes.

Within the teams working at the innovation center are experts from “every discipline required for complete design, construction and testing of the machines.”  And, their hands aren’t idle, with plenty of machines and equipment to play with and lots of resources for testing machine parameters and prototypes from almost every aspect under the sun:

State-of-the-art CNC manufacturing technology (such as FERMAT’s WFT 13 shown below);

FERMAT WFT 13 table type horizontal boring mill_spindle diameter 130 mm_at Bobcat in Dobris_Czechia

Climate-control chambers;

Digital measuring equipment;

Sound chamber.

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One fish, two fish, Dobris, blue fish

One fish, two fish, Dobris, blue fish