Coming Soon to a Theater Near You! From FERMAT’s exciting, fun-filled Prague studio (that doubles as a factory), a new Video on FERMAT’s multifunctional VTL, Turning, Drilling, Milling, and much more.

June 13, 2018  

FERMAT Machinery video shoot_Prague_Vertical Turning Lathe

At the end of May 2018, FERMAT opened its doors to showcase its new, multifunctional VTL, a vertical turning lathe where its ram’s outfitted with a boring spindle that’s powered by a 64-kW motor cranking out 2,000 Nm of torque, allowing a full range of serious milling and machining.

Not only does FERMAT’s multifunctional VTL handle all vertical turning, with its spindle, strong motor and high torque, it vertically mills and machines even the most demanding workpieces such as titanium or forgings, and executes perfectly precise machining where the tolerance for error a fraction of the width of a human hair.  (This particular VTL was built for a customer of FERMAT’s that manufactures gas turbines and parts for the power generation industry.)

FERMAT machinery manufacturer of horizontal boirng mills and other machine tools_Vertical turning lathe and milling machining

The ram can travel across the center of the table, so you can mill and machine both inside and outside the workpiece.

FERMAT constructed its new VTL from special composite material, mostly steel, which offers exceptionally high rigidity and reduces vibrations.

A handsome build

As to its configuration, it has two columns connected at the back by a crossbeam.  In front, the ram carriage moves horizontally along the crossrail (X axis) of 3 meters on two linear guideways with 8 carriages.  The crossrail, in turn, can be adjusted vertically and positioned along the auxiliary W axis of 1.2 meters.  It’s locked into place with 4 hydraulic brakes.  The ram stroke (Z axis) is 1.8 meters.  The ram moves along 8 carriages, and absolute linear encoders measure its position on both the X and Z axes for complete accuracy.

Movement along all linear axes are driven by separate motors with their own gear boxes and ball screws.

FERMAT machinery manufacturer of horizontal boirng mills and other machine tools_Vertical turning lathe milling machining


This version of FERMAT’s VTL is actually mid-size.  You can have one that’s half its size or twice as big.  And, with FERMAT’s modular design of production, adjustments and modifications can be made, even constructing a multifunctional VTL with two rams.

Round and round

The rotary table (C axis) is driven by 2 large 58 kW motors, master-slave, that eliminate backlash. When turning’s not required, the table’s set and locked in place by 4 hydraulic brakes. This table is mid-range. The diameter of the workpiece can be a whopping 2.5 meters and it can weigh up to 25 metric tons. And, the table rotates very fast, over 300 rpm!

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