Coming soon to a theater near you! New video on FERMAT’s WFC 10 High-Speed CNC crosswise table-type horizontal milling machine

January 31, 2017  

A machine that’s never boring.  That’s FERMAT’s new high-speed crosswise horizontal milling machine, WFC 10 HS CNC.  To create it, FERMAT’s crafty engineers pounced on one of their conventional headstocks with a 100 mm spindle diameter, tore out its boring spindle and extension mechanism, and slapped in an additional motor increasing both horsepower and spindle speed.

FERMAT's Crosswise Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill with High Speed Milling Headstock_WFC 10 HS CNC

With its rigid construction and powerful headstock, FERMAT’s WFC 10 HS CNC, a variation of its small and sturdy WFC 10 CNC, was custom built for powerful milling at a high speed across a wide surface area utilizing its impressive rapid traverse.

In addition to manhandling workpieces of iron and steel, at 5,500 rotations per minute and 41 Kw of nominal power, it is also especially well-suited for quickly chewing across surfaces of soft metals, such as aluminum and copper, in fine detail with exact precision.  And, with a rapid traverse of 30,000 mm/min on both the X and Z axes, and 20,000 mm/min on the Y axis, you can mill large areas quickly and with ease, carving out flawless forms and molds used in industrial fabrication processes, such as the automotive, rubber making, and chemical industries.

The new video was shot on January 25, 2017, at RUPET formy a modely, s.r.o., in the industrial-friendly bedroom community of Celakovice, just east of Prague.

Photographer and filmmaker Patrik Uhlir capturing WFC 10 HS CNC in action in Celakovice_Czech Republic

FERMAT’s WFC 10 HS CNC represents the happy side of milling, where modern technology and brilliant concepts merge in the perfect machine for modern, no-nonsense manufacturing.

“Say, how about a freshly milled smiley face during the film shoot?”

The Happy Side of Milling_FERMAT's WFC 10 HS CNC_during video shoot

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