“Control the FORCE You Must.” And, FERMAT Machine Tool certainly did during their adventure at IMTS 2018, in a city far, far away.

October 4, 2018  

FERMAT Machine Tool_Chicago_IMTS 2018_Mr Michal Bures and Yoda_chilling at IMTS

IMTS 2018, Chicago—blue skies, big city.

FERMAT Machine Tool_Chicago_IMTS 2018_Skyline

On the other side of the galaxy from Coruscant, the leader of FERMAT Machine Tool made a plan for slipping one of his most elite sales team representatives, Mr. Milos Rybicka, who wishes to remain anonymous, into the confines of the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), Chicago.  His mission was to visit a trade fair showcasing over 2,500 exhibits, explore the market, and focus on potential customers in the US and North America.

A mecca for manufacturing and metalworking leads, where business thrives.

FERMAT Machine Tool_Chicago_IMTS 2018

In mid-September, for several days FERMAT Machine Tool’s Argus-eyed representative collected valuable information for the leadership and made inroads with many dealers and customers in the market.  He guaranteed FERMAT catalogues found their way into the right hands, struck up many profitable conversations, made solid acquaintances with important contacts, and left business cards for further confidential communication.  The mission was a success.

A little R & R

Once the scouting and dissemination of material was over, the FERMAT Machine Tool representative slipped off and safely blended in with the tourists of The Windy City.  Moving within the seething crowds, he kept a low profile.  He maintained his cover for several days, enjoying fine dining and sightseeing, taking in extraordinary views of the alien culture, with its mysterious, bizarre sculptures.

FERMAT Machine Tool_Chicago_IMTS 2018_Cloud Gate

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