Craftsmanship and the masterful art of industry, and modern metalwork, in Bulgaria

March 12, 2019  
The Panagyurishte Treasure_Sofia_Bulgaria_gold_FERMAT

(Photo: The Panagyurishte Treasure, author Ramon,, provided under CC BY-SA 2.0 license; cropped, sharpened)

Thrace—the ancient land in Southeastern Europe on the Black Sea now shared between Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey—has left a rich collection of fine artwork and exquisite metalwork adorning museums and personal collections around the world.

Stara Zagora, the sixth largest city in Bulgaria, near the Bedechka river in the historic region of Thrace, reposes upon the site of a Thracian settlement dating from the 5th to the 4th century BC.  Phillip II of Macedon founded the city itself in 342 BC.  And,  well-preserved ruins from its later incorporation and rebirth in the Roman Empire, when it was called Ulpia Augusta Traiana in honor of emperor Trajan, greet tourists in its historical center.  After centuries of foreign invasion and battles, and subsequent population decline, the city was named Stara Zagora in 1870 and steadily rose to its current position as a major manufacturing and commercial hub, as well as the administrative capital of its self-named province.

FERMAT’s customer, Hraninvest – HMC AD, headquartered in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

Hraninvest HMC AD webpage

Ever since its founding in 1968, Hraninvest-Hranmashcomplect AD (Hraninvest-HMC AD), has specialized in making food processing machines and equipment, growing over the years through strong sales and strategic acquisitions into being one of the leading machine manufacturers in Bulgaria.   Hraninvest-HMC AD incorporates the former enterprises of Cherveno zname, Tacho Daskalov, Zheleznik, and the engineering company Hranmashcomplect, and Hraninvest.

Today, Hraninvest-HMC AD is part of Holding Zagora, one of the largest holding companies in Bulgaria. In addition to Hraninvest-HMC AD, Holding Zagora controls a number of other manufacturing companies, e.g., Progress AD, which makes gray and spheroidal-graphite iron castings, and Prcskov AD, which makes carbon and alloy steel forgings.  So, capital intensive heavy industry is definitely at the heart of this major Bulgarian holding company. In this vein, strong capital investments in new machines is a major drive behind the success of Hraninvest-HMC AD, as promoted on its website.  “By following a policy for continuous investment in the purchase of new equipment and technology, today, we are a modern and successful company both in the manufacture of machines and equipment, and of machining of parts,” it states. This healthy commitment to investments, and sound business practice, has paid off marvelously.  Its planned investment in a brand-new FERMAT table-type horizontal boring mill, WFT 13 R, continues this trend.

Groundwork laid in 2017

The project to acquire a new table-type horizontal boring mill started in October 2017, spurred by an EU initiative funding growth in advanced manufacturing in Bulgaria.  FERMAT won the company’s tender in February 2019.  FERMAT’s WFT 13 R built for Hraninvest-HMC AD comes with a spindle travel of 730 mm, a ram stroke of 700 mm, along with FERMAT’s own universal automatic milling head (UHAmi 30), and a 2-position pickup station.  Like with other machines in FERMAT’s popular WFT 13 series of table-type horizontal boring mills, it’s outfitted with a powerful headstock; its sturdy, rigid column is made of cast iron toughened through annealing, and, its extremely precise CNC rotary table can hold up to 20 metric tons.

FERMAT’s sales manager for Bulgaria, Mr. Russ Karimov, notes how the process occurred:

The customer was keen to acquire a high-tech horizontal boring mill for improving its machining process of several critical components. I’m glad FERMAT won the tender; and now FERMAT’s latest technologies will help the customer to solve those tasks.

POLYMETA C, FERMAT’s Bulgarian dealer assisted greatly in facilitating the sale.  Thanks to solid cooperation, the dealer’s connections with local manufacturers, and the benefits of EU funds, Mr. Karimov anticipates more successful business trips to Bulgaria, ushering in further growth in sales.

Bulgaria’s tradition, industry and art, found exquisitely intertwined in the country’s architecture

In closing, a quick look at the intricate mix of artistic and cultural influences seen in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia.

Alexander Nevsky cathedral in downtown Sofia

Alexander Nevsky cathedral in downtown Sofia

Bulgarian church FERMAT machine tool manufacturer

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