Cultural Events for FERMAT Family and Friends

December 13, 2017  

Brno,_Mahenovo_divadlo,_hlediště_(1)_by Palickap_under CC BY SA 4.0 license_Brno Theater_Moravia_Czech Republic

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the wonderful world of machine tools, industry, manufacturing, and the raw power of tearing through angry workpieces of iron or steel.  The dynamics of creating the real tools that shape our modern existence can often leave the die-hard machine tool manufacturer removed from the other fine aspects of our cultural existence.

The cultural and artistic world of Brno_Museum of Applied Arts_Lucas Crahach_The National Theater_Who is Chuchel_FERMAT_patron of the arts

Not everything that is intellectual and artistic is built on box ways or linear guideways (though most are).  Many things are still worthwhile and deserve our close attention.

Spilberk Castle_cultural and historical sites in Brno_Czech Republic_FERMAT

In our manufacturing hub of Brno, Czech Republic, the silent castle on the hill is nothing like the bureaucratic nightmare à la Franz Kafka’s, Das Schloss.  Instead, having shaken off centuries as a military stronghold and dreary prison of no escape (Baron Franz von der Trenck died there, only for his mummified corpse to be put on public display for mass enjoyment in the Capuchin crypt, on Capuchin Square near Cabbage Market), Špilberk Castle (German: Spielberg) has started a fresh, new life as a tourist hot-spot, with museums and galleries full of exhibits and flush with special cultural activities—even a summer program.

One of the highlights this Advent is a jolly good chat with the creator of Chuchel, an animated critter sprung from the wild imagination of a fellow Brno entrepreneur.  On Saturday, 16 December 2017, hike up to Spilberk, and bask in the furry and outlandish creativity that Steven Spielberg himself would appreciate.


Afterwards, take a leisurely stroll, fondle the cabbage in the stalls, and saunter over to gawk at Baron Franz von der Trenck, whose forced internment in Brno wasn’t quite the healthy respite or convalescence he had hoped for.

Baron Trenck

Before his ‘holiday’ at Spielberg

Franz_von_der_Trenck_1711_1749_died in Brno_FERMAT manufacturing facilities_machine tools


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