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February 13, 2019  

DMT Marine Equipment_Winches_Manufacturing_Romania

In late January 2019, Mr. Russ Karimov, FERMAT’s sales manager for Romania, closed a deal with DMT Marine Equipment, S.A., on a brand-new floor-type horizontal boring mill, FERMAT’s WF 15 R, set to grace the factory floor of DMT’s ever-expanding operations in Galati, Romania.  Boasting a hefty 150 mm spindle driven by a powerful 53 kW, water-chilled main motor, FERMAT’s WF 15 R will bring the power and precision DMT demands for cranking out the absolute best large-scale winches and marine equipment.

DMT Marine Equipment_Winches_Manufacturing_Romania_FERMAT

Designed for heavy-duty, highly-precise milling and machining, equipped with a sturdy 2.5 x 3-meter CNC rotary table that can hold up to 25 metric tons, and utilizing its spindle travel of 730 mm and ram stroke of 700 mm, FERMAT’s WF 15 R can cut deep into the center of large workpieces of cast iron and steel.

DMT Marine Equipment_Winches


The machine will be outfitted with FERMAT’s own universal automatic milling head (UHAmi 30), a FERMAT’s FH 65 facing head, allowing for a wide range of machining techniques, and a 2-position pick-up station for ideal utilization of space on the factory floor and quick and efficient milling head exchanges.

Churning out those winches

DMT Marine Equipment_Winches_Manufacturing

Why the investment in a new floor-type horizontal boring mill?  DMT made the decision to quit relying on outsourced machining of their components and to establish its own modern and efficient machining facility for handle all its needs in-house.  And, the EU funds that were made available for investing in new capital expenditures certainly helped.  So, DMT wrote a tender open to prospective machine tool manufacturers; and, as Mr. Karimov noted, “FERMAT won as the high-quality, professional manufacturer meeting all of DMT’s comprehensive range of requirements.”

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