Dressed Up and Ready to Go; FERMAT’s newly-designed WFC 10 CNC is Chic—and Packs a Punch

January 22, 2016  

FERMAT’s engineers and technicians have designed a stylish, powerful little table-type of horizontal boring mill that has taken the machine-tool catwalk by storm.  This petite model, the smallest in FERMAT’s line of CNC horizontal boring mills, is equipped with a spindle diameter of either 100 mm or 110 mm, and it can easily handle workpieces weighing up to 5000 Kg on its dynamic, crosswise, rotary table. With its fixed column for stability, a powerful headstock, spindle travel of 730 mm, and an ingenious rotary table that moves crosswise on box guideways, FERMAT WFC 10 CNC is the answer to tough machining in close quarters for all small and medium size workpieces.

Crosswise Table Type CNC Horizontal Boring Mill, circular interpolation, gun drilling, face milling, side cutting

Jan Ferenc, Sales Director at FERMAT Machinery, notes its great appeal to manufacturers: “The majority of our customers try to optimize their production area. FERMAT’s new WFC 10 CNC reflects this need, saving room while offering machine operators greater ease when running and servicing the machine.”

FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC embodies comfort and a clever, space-saving design. And, it tops it off with strong cutting power and high precision, all for a low cost.  This smart and sturdy machine tool is optionally equipped with an automatic tool changer, coolant via the spindle, a chip conveyor, or a pallet changing system to fully maximize production capabilities.

Here, you can see a video showing a few of FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC milling operations and machining techniques, such as circular interpolation, face milling, side cutting, and gun drilling.

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