EMO 2017 in Hannover, Germany; a great opportunity and wonderful success

September 27, 2017  

FERMAT Machinery Machine Tool Manufacturer booth at EMO 2017 with table type horizontal boring mills_milling_machining_Hannover_Germany

With EMO 2017 behind us and most of FERMAT’s sales team home (a few carried on with additional business trips), it’s time to unpack suitcases and go through pictures and business cards.

Table type horizontal boring mill with automatic tool changer_FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_milling_machining_EMO 2017

The Hannover Fairgrounds is an astoundingly large venue with perfect facilities to cater to this premier European metalworking trade fair attracting visitors from across the globe.  Movers and shakers in the world of machine tool technology, manufacturers and customers alike, find the chance to rub elbows and strike deals irresistible.  Hence, they always show up—many with fine refreshments—but all upbeat and ready to participate in a week-long marathon of modern industrial moneymaking.

Drinks on the horizontal boring mill_FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_EMO 2017_Hannover_Germany

Jan Ferenc_Director or Sales at FERMAT_machine tool manufacturerJan Ferenc, Director of Sales at FERMAT, gave it rave reviews, “EMO was a great success.  We gained lots of new contacts in milling and machining, and many potential customers and dealers interested in FERMAT’s wide range of powerful and precise machine tools.”

We’re definitely sold on the value of EMO as a bridge for making new contacts, as well as a special arena for maintaining healthy competition within the industry, with all the companies showcasing their latest innovations.  Combing through piles of business cards, following up on leads, we’re already looking forward to our next machine tool/metalworking exhibition.  See you there.

Table type horizontal boring mills with KUKA robot_EMO 2017_FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_milling_machining

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