FERMAT—a proud sponsor of the 2017 Highland Games in Uvaly, CR

May 30, 2017  
The Rebel Pipers_Highland Games in Uvaly_FERMAT

The Rebel Pipers at the Highland Games in Uvaly, CR

Traditional Scottish Highland Games, with all the sporting contests, music, dancing and refreshments, was held in the small town of Uvaly situated on the eastern outskirts of Prague.  This mild-mannered bedroom community provided a stage for the raucous Gaelic gala on Saturday, 20 May 2017.

Caber TossThe all-day festivities were organized by the Jonotan Society (a local citizens’ organization promoting family-friendly sporting, social, and cultural activities) in cooperation with the Scottish games club Kladaklan, and sponsored by FERMAT, a few other companies, and the town of Uvaly.  The sporting events included the stone put, caber toss, weight throw, hammer throw, sheaf toss, farmer’s run, and tug-of-war.  A majority of the disciplines were also prepared in a manner for children to participate.

FERMAT’s Executive Manager for the Czech Republic, Central and Southern Europe, and India, and long-time resident of Uvaly and member of Jonatan, Jan Kopacek, praised the success.

Mr. Jan Kropacek, FERMAT Executive Manager and founding member of the Jonotan Society.

“We were the organizers and we thought up everything; and it all wound up very well.  There were over 1,000 ticketholders (we don’t count children, as there were family entrances), so it came to a total of about 1,500 attendees.”

To add to the good cheer, the organizers managed to secure original Irish and Scottish beer straight from the source, shipped to the games by the Scottish club The Grey Dog.   And, there were many kinds of Scottish whiskeys brought by the Scottish club Whisky & Kilt.  Likewise, there was the opportunity to purchase your own kilt supplied by the firm Kiltforyou.

Below is the program as posted on Uvaly’s website, advertising the event.  As you can see, there was much to do from midday to two hours before midnight.

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