FERMAT and Nordmark, Successful Cooperation in the Wind Power Industry

September 7, 2016  

The wind business is big business, especially in Denmark where wind turbines man every corner of the horizon, march across open fields and line highways.  Nordmark, a local subcontractor to the heavy goods industry specializing in machining large-scale and complex components for the wind industry, has helped to make this possible.  And, the enterprise is thriving.  For the occasion of their recent open house held on 30 June 2016, Michael Jacobsen, Production Manager and Founder of Nordmark, was kind enough to allow FERMAT to explore the history of his company and explain the unique relationship and cooperation his company and FERMAT enjoy in the manufacture of wind turbine components.  Having started in 2002, Nordmark has grown significantly, from creating parts for 600-kilowatt wind turbines to today’s demands for monolithic pieces going into 8-megawatt wind turbines, and larger.   The two FERMAT horizontal boring mills Nordmark recently purchased for its facilities in Saeby, Denmark, each weigh 330 tons, have tilting CNC rotary tables lifting workpieces up to 80 tons, and incorporate double columns for increased rigidity and stability.

Renewable resources and megawatts of environmentally-friendly, green energy is seldom a topic intertwined with heavy industry.  Hardly do factories factor in to peoples’ perception of a cleaner, healthier future.  But, that’s exactly what’s needed to create the enormous turbines harnessing the winds and transforming their mechanical energy into wholesome, household, electrical energy silently powering your kitchen appliances, computers, lightbulbs, or charging your smartphone battery, all the conveniences without which modern technological economies fizzle in gloom.

Nordmark, subcontractor to the heavy goods industry, specializes in machining of large-scale and complex elements weighing up to 80 tons or measuring 32 x 5 x 2 meters with tolerances as fine as 1/100 mm.  With FERMAT’s gargantuan horizontal boring mills, Nordmark has helped to ensure a cleaner, greener future, supplying hubs, nacelle main foundations, bearing housings and many other components for land and offshore wind turbines.

Nordmark Home Page Wind Turbine Production

The king of FERMAT’s specially-designed WRF series oversize floor-type horizontal boring mills, the most powerful and precise machines on the market, is undoubtedly the one specifically designed for Nornmark capitalizing on feedback from Mr. Jacobsen himself, FERMAT’s WRF 160 Heavy.  The machine boasts titanic strength and stability, and its powerful headstock is fully enclosed within the column frame and moves along a rack and pinion system more rugged than ball screws.

FERMAT floor type horizontal boring mill WRF 160 Heavy with tilting CNC rotary table manufacturing Wind Turbines, Boring, Milling, Machining, Denmark

The impressive details for one of the two FERMAT WRF 160 Heavy horizontal boring mills that has taken up residence in Nordmark’s new machine shop is shown on the company’s official machine list below.

Nordmark Machines List FERMAT WRF 160 Heavy CNC Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mill

Interested in how heavy industry creates environmentally-friendly green energy? Read about the wind turbine production on a grand scale at Siemens new wind turbine manufacturing facility in Cuxhaven, Germany.

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