FERMAT’s brand-new milling center, FFC 100, online soon in action-packed video!

May 10, 2017  

FFC 100 with Heidenhain control panel

FERMAT’s milling center marvel, its snazzy, heavy-duty FFC 100, stars in the latest technological machine tool thriller shot in a breathtaking location of FERMAT’s factory in the metalworking Moravian town of Lipnik nad Becvou.  Ensconced in the eerie shadow of a daunting castle ruin, and bedecked in Gothic and Renaissance architecture and remnants of medieval battlements, this small town along the Becva River is proud of its history born in robust manufacturing and lively trade.

Lipnik nad Becvou_a Blacksmith Town and site of FERMAT factory that built FFC 100 milling machine

Its well-earned appellation, a “blacksmith’s town,” is fitting acknowledgement to its industrious, metalworking roots.  This strength to create forms in metal and craft new tools still exists today.

FERMAT's FFC 100 New Milling Center

FERMAT’s factory in Lipnik nad Becvou is proud to have manufactured an outstanding advancement in modern machine tools, its new CNC milling center, FERMAT’s FFC 100.  This marvelous milling center is the answer for a clean, compact, fully-enclosed milling operation for workpieces weighing up to 20 metric tons.  The newly manufactured version shown in the video has an X axis of 4 meters, a Y axis ram stroke of 1 meter, and a Z axis of 1.5 meters.   It’s outfitted with FERMAT’s own stepless universal automatic milling head with a spindle speed of 5,000 rpm and boasts a rapid traverse of 30 meters/minute.  (As you’ll find out in the video, FERMAT’s FFC 100 can be built in even greater dimensions, with optional rotary tables, and other accessories.)

Giving the machine direction

Giving the machine direction.

A distinct advantage FERMAT’s hefty milling center has over competitors is not only the superb incorporation of the latest technologies into its construction but also the utility of its design.  The doors and the top of the machine are one, so you can open up the machine entirely and use a crane for putting the workpiece in, manipulating it in the work area, or removing it from the milling machine.  It’s a simple, robust design for excellent, clean, fully-enclosed milling.

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