FERMAT’s Chinatown. An intriguing trade show set in the exotic Orient, where water rights and machine tools are the backdrop to countless murder mysteries and lucrative deals

March 21, 2017  

A land famous for great walls, Feng Shui, and lots and lots of people plays host to an action-packed adventure made for the silver screen: the 15th annual China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) in Beijing, China, 17 – 22 April 2017.

Well-versed in the meaning of numbers in Chinese culture, FERMAT chose good old lucky number 2 for its booth.  Chinese regard it as a positive number; and, there’s a Chinese saying that “good things come in pairs.”  We agree; especially when you buy two FERMAT machines.

China International Machine Tool Show 2017

Amplifying its good fortune—and offsetting unlucky hall number 4 (the number 4 almost sounds like “death” when pronounced in Chinese)—FERMAT tripled its auspicious numeral to 222.  So, look for FERMAT representatives standing tall in Hall E4, Booth 222, right beside a great wall shouting “Czech Republic,” loud and clear, in both English and Chinese.  You can’t miss us.

FERMAT Booth E4-222 at the China International Machine Tool Show 2017_Wonderful Color

FERMAT Booth E4-222 at the China International Machine Tool Show 2017

While hanging around Beijing, enjoying the machine tool show, eating deep-fried scorpions, you could stop by Jingshan Park, a former imperial garden covering 23 hectares north of the Forbidden City.  There, you’ll see FERMAT’s gift to the land of 1.357 billion people—a beautifully arranged fruit basket.

FERMAT Friendship fruit basket ready for China Trade Show 2017

Or, you could just go to the movies.


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