FERMAT’s Customer to Craft Colossal Components in Cuxhaven, Nordmark, in Czech Republic last week for pre-acceptance of first WRF 160 Heavy specially built for the project

November 16, 2017  

Nordmark_FERMAT Machinery_machine tools_renewable energy

Last week, Mr. Michael Jacobsen, production manager and founder of Nordmark, and Mr. Jan Ferenc, director of sales at FERMAT, cruised to Cuxhaven, Germany, to check out Nordmark’s manufacturing facility under construction at the Offshore Base Port and Maritime Industry Park at the mouth of the Elbe River.

Nordmark facility at Cuxhaven_Germany

Nordmark facility under construction in Cuxhaven, Germany

Nordmark facility_Cuxhaven Germany_getting built

Making the foundations for WRF 160 Heavy floor type horizontal boring mills in Cuxhaven, Germany

Making the foundations for FERMAT’s WRF 160 Heavy floor-type horizontal boring mills in Nordmark’s factory under construction in Cuxhaven, Germany

Nordmark specializes in high-precision machining of large-scale, complex workpieces weighing up to 80 metric tons, which go into products for the offshore industry, maritime sector, and wind energy sector, Among the heavy goods they manufacture are rotor hubs and houses, gear houses, nacelle main foundations, propeller shafts, main shafts, and bearing houses for wind turbines.  And it’s their unique ability “to offer an entire production line based on the highest quality standards, which is specially tailored to offshore wind turbines, from the receipt of the raw parts through the development of tools, to the Europe-wide dispatch of finished and surface-coated machine parts,”[1] which has won it the multi-year supplier agreement with Siemens at the prestigious, and lucrative, Maritime and Offshore Industry Park in Cuxhaven, Germany.  “The new factory will consist of approximately 5,000 square meters productions facilities”[2] and employ up to 35 workers.

According to Offshore Base Cuxhaven website:

Nordmark is investing more than 19 million euros in the construction of a new factory for the processing of steel and metal parts of wind power plants in Cuxhaven as part of the establishment of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. Nordmark is the first Danish company to act as a strategic partner with Siemens in Germany.

Supplying the machines

FERMAT is proud to be the go-to machine tool manufacturer for Nordmark, the reliable and innovative partner capable of specially designing machines to meet all Nordmark’s production demands. FERMAT’s line of oversize WRF floor type horizontal boring mills, especially its WRF 160 Heavy, is just the right answer for extremely powerful and precise machining of enormous workpieces of extraordinary size and weight, such as the steel and metal components going into the wind turbines at Cuxhaven.

In total, four of FERMAT’s WRF 160 Heavy floor-type horizontal boring mills are to be installed at Nordmark’s new factory in Cuxhaven.

FERMAT Machinery_Floor type horizontal boring mill_WRF 160 Heavy_for machining parts wind turbines

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