FERMAT’s in-house charity drive to help man’s best friend

July 3, 2018  

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A charming in-house charity drive was churning all through June, 2018.  FERMAT’s soft-hearted, canine-cuddling human resource department collected gifts and goodies, food and treats for dogs big and small, earmarked for the organization Tlapky na ceste, Paws on their Way.  This civic association helps dogs without regard to breed or age, and encourages responsible adoption.

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Paws on their Way was founded 5 years ago with the aim of caring for abused and/or abandoned dogs, as well as unwanted offspring from breeding kennels, and dogs which must be given up by their masters.  In addition to actively helping canines in need and fostering adoption, Paws on their Way strives to educate the public about the problematic results of dog breeding and improperly raising dogs.

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Thinking of getting a four-legged friend?

Paws on their Way offers you pointed advice, nothing to step on your toes and discourage a would-be happy dog owner, but trots you through a list of considerations which need to be weighed before you take aboard man’s best friend.

Are you ready for a long-term relationship, a commitment that can last 10 years or more?  Your dog’s not a toy for your kids, and it can’t be tossed away should the relationship sour, or the chemistry’s not right.  It must be part of your family, for whom you are prepared to care for even when injured or ill.

Will you have enough time for your dog?  You must dedicate part of each day to feed it, take care of its coat, and play with it; also, you must take it outside for walks and exercise, and to see the veterinarian for shots, regular care and emergency visits.  As to this, do you have the financial resources to cover all the related expenses?

When you get a puppy, do you have the time and patience to raise it properly?  Moreover, do you have the time to train it well, which isn’t easy and shouldn’t be left entirely to others.  You want your dog to respond to you.

Do you live in a place with enough space to accommodate your dog?  Likewise, do you live in an area where your dog can run around and get enough exercise, or at least be easily walked?  These are very important considerations.

Would your neighbors bear the noise of howling or barking?  It might be music to your ears, but it probably won’t be to theirs, and this could cause difficulties for which you haven’t bargained.

Finally, you are 100% responsible for your dog, its actions and its well-being.

The charity drive

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_Tlapky na ceste_civic association_collection

Dog food, snacks, bones, treats, towels, and cleaners were collected to a sizable sum, which no doubt will elicit many happy smiles, tail wagging and barks of joy and appreciation.

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