FERMAT’s Lasting Theory Makes the News

May 17, 2016  

The most widely circulated Czech daily focusing on economics, industry and market events, Hospodarske noviny, “Economic News,” delved into FERMAT’s forceful reasoning and captivating conclusions on how to succeed as a manufacturer of machine tools and achieve impressive results both domestically and internationally.  The article walks the reader from FERMAT’s modest beginnings after the fall of communism through to the present day, where it is a leading European producer of CNC horizontal boring mills and cylindrical grinders.

Hospodarske Noviny; FERMAT's Lasting Theory Makes the News

Hospodarske Noviny; FERMAT’s Lasting Theory Makes the News

An admirable symbol of FERMAT’s astonishing rise from a small operation employing just a few people in the early 1990s to over 650 today is the handsome sum of 2.1 billion CZK, FERMAT’s turnover for 2015.   Flush with cash, FERMAT went on to purchase Lucas Precision, a US company based in Cleveland, Ohio, which has an amazing history of its own in manufacturing, servicing and retrofitting machine tools.  FERMAT masterly incorporated the acquisition into its wider strategy of international expansion and is now considering additional steps into other markets around the world.

Never one to rest on its laurels, FERMAT invests up to 7% of its annual turnover in research and innovation in a constant drive to improve manufacturing and production, explore new design concepts, and win an ever-larger market share.

Should you read Czech or study the interesting, vowel-eschewing western Slavic language of machine tool giants, you will find this article by Petr Zenkner, published on May 4, 2016, to be very fascinating and informative.

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