FERMAT’s New CNC Milling Center, FFC 100; Magnificent Design, Marvelous Milling

October 10, 2016  

CNC Milling Center FFC 100


Horizontal Column Travel (X Axis) 3,000 mm; 4,000 mm; 5,000 mm
Vertical Headstock Travel (Z Axis) 1,200 mm; 1,600 mm; 2,000 mm
Ram Stroke (Y Axis) 1,000 mm
Rapid Traverse (X, Y, and Z Axes) 30,000   mm/min
Table Dimensions 1,000 mm x 3,200 mm; 4,200 mm; 5,200 mm
Max. Table Load 20 metric tons
Max. Spindle Speed 5,000     revolutions per minute

FERMAT’s FFC 100 Milling Center is the perfect solution for milling long workpieces quickly and easily from all sides.  With its 1 meter ram stroke and FERMAT’s Stepless Universal Automatic Milling Head, milling deep inside the workpiece from all angles, inside and out, is a piece of cake.

FERMAT’s FFC 100 Milling Center is affordable, fully-enclosed, compact and clean.  It’s ideal for creating intricate shapes and forms, for flawless and immaculate milling.  With a maximum load capacity up to 20 metric tons (and an optional CNC rotary table with 2 rpm or special CNC turning table with 100 rpm), it’s the cost-effective answer for fast cutting and high-productivity, meeting all manufacturing needs with pure milling and turning in mind.

FERMAT’s new CNC Milling Center, FFC 100, incorporates elegance and manufacturing might.  Its powerful ram moves on 12 carriages along 4 linear guideways, driven by a servomotor with a two-step planetary gearbox turning a robust ball screw.  The ram’s linear movement is measured and its precision ensured through absolute linear scales.

Diagram of FERMAT Milling Headstock with 12 Carriages on 4 Linear Guideways

Diagram of FERMAT’s unique and powerful Milling Headstock, showing 12 Carriages on 4 Linear Guideways.

To eliminate ram deflection while machining, the headstock is equipped with an automatic compensation system of hydraulic cylinders and bars pulling the top of headstock, keeping milling on the mark, guaranteeing maximum accuracy.

FERMAT provides an excellent selection of milling heads to choose from, each designed in-house for unique machining advantages and maximum manufacturing possibilities.

Milling Heads

With its sturdy construction and powerful motor, FERMAT’s FFC 100 CNC Milling Center beats the competition hands down, milling complex parts for customers in the automotive, aeronautic, and hydroelectric power industries.

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