FERMAT’s Record-Breaking Machine Awes Open House

August 2, 2016  

Nordmark’s open house in Saeby, Denmark, held 30 June 2016, touted the company’s new towering triumph, FERMAT’s latest and greatest floor-type horizontal boring mill ever built.  The new WRF 160 Heavy CNC is not only the largest machine FERMAT has ever produced, it’s also the most humongous horizontal boring mill in all of Northern Europe, one capable of machining gigantic workpieces 8.5 meters tall.  Its power and precision ensures Nordmark the manufacturing potential for keeping the wind energy sector superbly supplied with the monstrously large components wind turbines require for generating those well-loved, and much-needed, environmentally-friendly, green-energy megawatts.

Wind turbines at a wind farm cranking out green energy on a massive scale_Utilization of renewable resources

Wind turbines at a wind farm, cranking out megawatts on a massive scale, utilizing a plentiful renewable resource thanks to heavy industry, modern manufacturing, and CNC machine tools.

While the Danes were living it up at their open house celebrations, Canadians were finalizing the pre-acceptance of their own newly-minted WRF Heavy horizontal boring mill at FERMAT’s production facilities in Brno, Czech Republic.  Both machines are equipped with two CNC rotary tables enabling maximum machining capabilities of workpieces from all sides, eliminating time-consuming resetting, reducing manufacturing costs, and sticking to a demanding, high-paced production schedule.

A video describing the features of FERMAT’s WRF 160 Heavy floor-type horizontal boring mill can be seen here.

Illustration from 1648 Frankfurt edition of Don Quixote, first windmill made with FERMAT machine tools breaking Don Quixote's lance and stabbing him with a sail.

Illustration from the 1648 Frankfurt edition of Don Quixote, showing the first windmill made using FERMAT machine tools breaking Don Quixote’s lance and stabbing him with a sail.

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