FERMAT’s sales manager for Latin America invites Mexican dealer to Czech Rep. to tour facilities, talk shop, and see Prague

January 23, 2019  

Protecnic Soluciones CNC_visiting FERMAT

On Friday, 18 January 2019, FERMAT’s sales manager for Latin America, Ms. Stephanie Figueredo, enjoyed the opportunity to show FERMAT’s main manufacturing and assembly halls in Brno, Czech Republic, to a well-established machine tool dealer in the Mexican market, Mr. Alfredo Nevarez, Director of Protecnic Soluciones CNC.

Ms. Stephanie Figueredo_FERMAT sales manager for Latin America

Ms. Stephanie Figueredo outlining her notes from her recent trip to Brno.

Building a good relationship

Though as yet not an official FERMAT dealer, Mr. Nevarez was already familiar with many of FERMAT’s machine tools used in Mexico.  During his tour of FERMAT’s factory, he learned more about FERMAT’s table-type and floor-type horizontal boring mills, their components, and how the machines are made.  He was particularly impressed by their high quality, versatility, as well as power and precision.  And, he noted the ruggedness of their construction and ideal configuration for a myriad of milling and machining techniques required across various industries in Mexico.

Protecnic Soluciones CNC

Once Mr. Nevarez and Ms. Figueredo viewed the factory floor, they withdrew to watch some informative videos from FERMAT’s marketing department and pored over technical layouts.  Having gleaned a mountain of important information, they retired to a most agreeable and relaxing lunch filled with typical Czech cuisine.  After which, Mr. Nevarez and Ms. Figueredo returned to Prague.

A city of contrasts, historical and modern

Prague, a city of contrasts

In Prague, they sat down for supper with Mr. Jan Ferenc, director of sales at FERMAT, at a fine restaurant not far from Charles Bridge and discussed areas of mutual interest and support in machine tool sales.  Both sides agreed that a suitable arrangement is well within reach, as Mr. Nevarez’s enthusiasm for FERMAT’s excellent European-quality products at sound prices is matched by FERMAT’s appreciation of Mr. Nevarez’s technical skills, solid reputation, and well-developed network in Mexico.

Then, Ms. Figueredo showed her guest the architectural and historical gems of Malostranska and Old Town, which blend with the modern culture and technology of Prague.  Mr. Nevarez was struck by the distinct contrasts of historical, Old World charm interwoven with the menagerie of a modern European metropolis every bit in step with the times.  A dichotomy in perfect union and beautiful in form.

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