FERMAT’s Spring Cleaning

March 28, 2017  

We like to keep our facilities spic-and-span.   And, nothing irritates our fastidious, meticulously clean crew of FERMAT workers more than a grimy or cluttered factory floor.  With production humming right along at a fast clip in 2017, there are two new machines ripe for the picking, taking up precious space in our bright and shiny assembly halls in Brno.  So, out, out they go!


Spring Chickens

The pair of fledgling horizontal boring mills recently reared and ready to fly are up for grabs; no waiting, immediate delivery.

Spring Chicken

The first is FERMAT’s sharp-eyed, razor-beaked floor-type horizontal boring mill WF 13 R CNC, which dives readily into a hearty meal of iron and steel with its 130 mm spindle diameter, 730 mm spindle extension, and 700 mm ram stroke, boring, milling, and machining deep into the center of the workpiece.  It’s regulated through a Heidenhain iTNC 530 CNC control system and sports the following: motor S1 41kW/2099Nm, X axis 9,500 mm, Y axis 2,500mm, two 2,000 mm × 2,400 mm CNC rotary tables with load bearing capacity of 20 metric tons, an ATC, and internal coolant of 30 bars.

FERMAT's birds of prey

The second is FERMAT’s small but tenacious table-type horizontal boring mill WFT 11 CNC, with a vicious 110 mm spindle diameter for swiftly and cleanly tearing into its prey.  It too has a Heidenhain iTNC 530 CNC control system, and it’s outfitted with a 19.5 kW/951 Nm motor, X axis 3,000 mm, Y axis 2,000 mm, and Z axis 1,250 mm.  It has a 1,400 mm × 1,600 mm CNC rotary table with a load bearing capacity of 10 metric tons, an ATC, and internal coolant of 20 bars.

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