FERMAT’s Tag Team pallet exchange system Body Slams the workload!

August 10, 2017  
CC BY-SA 2.0_Broken Hardys Expedition of Gold_Mike Kalasnik

CC BY-SA 2.0_Broken Hardys Expedition of Gold_Mike Kalasnik, https://www.flickr.com/photos/10542402@N06/32562250836/in/album-72157679743292095/

Why waste time constantly setting and resetting workpieces? While you’re machining one, get the other ready for a quick exchange that makes short work of the workload.  FERMAT’s automatic pallet changing system maximizes the workspace and minimizes the downtime.  It allows for easy manipulation of large and heavy workpieces of iron and steel in a compact area without interfering with the machining process; and, your CNC machinist never gets bored.  He hardly has time to buy a cup of coffee, for once the first is done, out it goes, and in comes the second, ready to be milled, machined and turned into money.  Keep those chips flying!

Set’em up, knock’em down; eliminating downtime with FERMAT’s quick-and-easy pallet exchange system

Pallet exchange system

FERMAT's new WFT 15 R with a automatic pallet changer facilitating higher rates of production.

FERMAT’s new WFT 15 R with a automatic pallet changer facilitating higher rates of production.

How it works

The pallet serves as the CNC rotary table’s clamping plate, the table top on which the workpiece is machined.  Therefore, the CNC rotary table without a pallet is really a “topless” rotary slide waiting for a strong, handsome pallet with a robust workpiece to show up.

Going through the motions

Going through the motions.

At first position, the pallet’s resting comfortably on its own slide on a large bed, where it’s loaded up with an imposing workpiece of iron or steel, ready to be machined into a vital component or end product worth lots of money.  When it’s given the green light, the slide trundles off down the bed, stops, and transfers the pallet—with attached workpiece—directly onto the CNC rotary slide.

Load it up, send it off.  It’s so easy, it’ll put a smile on your face.

Photograph of the pallet slide and mechanism for transferring the pallet onto the rotary slide, where it will then act as the CNC rotary table’s clamping plate with affixed workpiece.

The rotary slide is now an intact CNC rotary table with the pallet acting as its clamping plate.  The pallet slide then returns to its first position away from the machine and the machining begins, chips fly, and the second pallet is loaded with its workpiece.

After the machining is done, the pallet slide is brought forward to retrieve its pallet and return to its resting position. The rotary slide moves over to receive the other pallet and starts machining its workpiece.

This highly efficient one-two punch eliminates downtime and drives production forward at a fast clip, as demonstrated in this presentation.

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