FERMAT’s WFT 13 CNC made to order, with modified column and crisp blue suit

January 9, 2018  

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_WFT 13 CNC_spindle diameter 130 mm_table type horizontal boring mill_insprational like FORD Model T_1910

Unlike Henry Ford’s famous remark concerning his Model T in 1909, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black,” FERMAT’s more than happy to oblige all its customers’ fashion demands.  A brand-new table-type horizontal boring mill WFT 13 CNC built on linear guideways provided to a repeat customer in Poland (who likes to color coordinate its factory in a cool, soothing blue) typifies this will to accommodate.

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_WFT 13 CNC_spindle diameter 130 mm_table type horizontal boring mill

The machine’s pre-acceptance took place at FERMAT’s manufacturing hub in Brno, Czech Republic.  The customer, Severt, added the machine to its growing collection of FERMAT machine tools, making it the fourth FERMAT horizontal boring mill on its floor, with many more on the horizon.

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_table type horizontal boring mill_milling head

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_horizontal boring mills_KUKA robot tool changer

Not only does this tailored WFT 13 CNC come in a new smooth blue, equipped with stylish, matching milling head, but it has also been built on linear guideways, and its column has been uniquely modified to meet Severt’s production requirements.  For swift, seamless tool exchange, it relies on a hard-working KUKA robot.  With FERMAT, the goal is 100% customer satisfaction, from off-the-shelf, popular designs to specially-crafted machines.


Severt, a well-known manufacturer of steel weldments weighing from 500 kg to 80 metric tons, utilizes many different types of state-of-the-art machine tools in its multinational production.  FERMAT’s latest WFT 13 CNC is heading to its subsidiary, Severt Polska Sp. z o.o., located in Gorlice, Poland.

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