FERMAT’s WRF 150 CNC with Tilting Headstock

November 14, 2016  

FERMAT's floor-type horizontal boring mill WRF 150 with tilting heastockFERMAT produces horizontal boring mills to match every machining and milling requirement in modern manufacturing.  And, when a customer faces a unique challenge requiring a specially-configured machine to do the job, FERMAT’s designers tackle the problem head-on, building special machines and adding modifications other machine tool manufactures fumble.

An example of FERMAT’s manufacturing ingenuity is its heavy-duty WRF 150 CNC floor-type horizontal boring mill built with a tilting headstock able to decline 8° off center and still keep the full power and precision FERMAT’s mammoth machines are known for.  This specially-designed machine was the successful outcome of outstanding communication and collaboration with a long-time customer, a producer of large components for the wind energy industry, Nordmark, who has recently purchased another made-to-order oversize floor-type horizontal boring mill from FERMAT, one of the largest in Northern Europe.

FERMAT's WRF 150 CNC with tilting headstock in use at Nordmark, Saeby, Denmark

FERMAT’s WRF 150 CNC with tilting headstock in operation at Nordmark, Saeby, Denmark

Machine description

The machine is a splendid adaptation of FERMAT’s huge floor-type horizontal boring mill WRF 150 CNC, with its hefty 150 mm spindle diameter, 1 meter spindle extension, and 1 meter ram stroke, guaranteeing excellent, highly precise, powerful machining deep inside even the largest and heaviest workpieces.   Thanks to its outstanding design, WRF 150 CNC is not only a hard-hitting horizontal boring mill that executes any milling and machining task, it can carry it out in extremely fine detail where the tolerance for error is in microns.

With FERMAT’s floor-type horizontal boring mills, the column moves horizontally along the X axis, while the CNC rotary table moves forward and back along the V axis.  Using a modular design in manufacturing allows FERMAT’s customers to configure their machines to their own specific spatial requirements: X axis up to 28,100 mm; Y axis up to 6,000 mm, and combinations utilizing various machine tool accessories, such as FERMAT’s in-house stepless universal automatic milling head.  The control system can be Heidenhain iTNC 530, Fanuc 31i, or Siemens 840D.

Diagram of WRF Series floor-type horizontal boring mill

Diagram of FERMAT’s WRF Series floor-type horizontal boring mill

The tilting mechanism is seated on a cross roller bearing (with a load bearing capacity up to 400 metric tons); a ball screw and servo motor drive the tilting mechanism, while a Heidenhain absolute encoder measures the precise angle of tilt, and hydraulic clamps fix the position of the headstock in place.

The ability to have powerful and precise milling and machining inside and outside humongous workpieces of truly gigantic proportions with a headstock that can tilt up to 8° off center allows manufacturers to open their doors to more possibilities of modern industry, more orders, more customers, more profits.

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