Football, Soccer, whatever you call it—Game On!

May 16, 2018  

FERMAT Cup 2018

Machine tools and mild, fun-filled violence go hand-in-hand.  Cutting, ripping, tearing into workpieces of iron or steel is both an art and a sport.  It’s industrial sculpture and manufacturing martial arts rolled into one.  A haiku of 20 metric tons.

A nefarious game

King Edward III banned football (soccer) on 12 June 1349 for, among other things, “Teams would number in the thousands, goals could be miles apart and violence, even death, was part and parcel of the whole experience. In many ways, it was like a miniature rural war…”.  Instead, he promoted archery.[1]


Edward III, detail from his bronze effigy in Westminster Abbey

FERMAT employees will go head-to-head in the vicious sport that was once forbidden because of its unprofitable violence and wicked idleness.  Thankfully, the sport has been fine-tuned over the centuries and no longer entails mayhem and death, or kicking an inflated pig’s bladder through a church door.  Due to these minor changes, FERMAT’s hard-nosed management team and happy-go-lucky HR staff have found common ground in unleashing employees’ warlike tendencies for a friendly game of kicking a round object into a net.  The team with the most power and precision wins!  It’s much to FERMAT’s liking.

Midsummer’s Eve

The FERMAT Cup will be held on Midsummer’s Eve, Friday, 22 June 2018, which enables one and all not only to ‘kick off’ the weekend, but the entire summer, with a wholesome sporting activity, accompanied by lots of food and drink.  Last year, there was an abundant supply of delicious and healthy pork, as well as beverages of every sort to wet your whistle.  And, it’s an extravaganza open to all spectators, friends and family alike, who want to watch FERMAT employees brutally clash on the field, while eating and drinking to their heart’s content.  So, don’t hesitate and register your team today with FERMAT’s personnel department to ensure yourself a chance at true machine-tool sporting glory.

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