Free capacity in production; order your new milling head today, have it by summer

December 6, 2018  

milling heads_FERMAT machine tool manufacturer

With another fine year behind it, FERMAT’s not wanting to rest on its laurels but get ahead of the game, utilizing the free capacity it now has in its milling head production to offer you a chance to receive your very own, brand-new FERMAT milling head by summer 2019, and start milling workpieces for all those tall fall orders.

No standing in line, no waiting, your order goes straight into manufacturing and assembly, built, tested, verified and shipped directly from FERMAT to your factory door.

FERMAT’s CNC Milling Heads

UHAmi, Stepless Universal Automatic Milling Head

Stepless Universal Automatic Milling Head_FERMAT

FERMAT’s own stepless universal automatic milling head custom-designed and manufactured to the highest standards, rotates in two axes (A axis ±180° and C axis ±180°), executing a full range of machining techniques inside and outside the workpiece, helical interpolation, circular interpolation, drilling, boring, and milling.  Speed: 10 – 3,000 rpm; Power: 30 kW (40 HP); Torque: 1 600 Nm; Indexing: 0.001° / 0.001°; Clamping torque: A-Axis 3 800 Nm, C-Axis 6 500 Nm.  Spindle Taper SK 50 (DIN, ANSI, MAS); Hydraulic tool clamping; Tool clamping force 20 kN; Angle contact; High precision bearings mounted on the tool-holder spindle, trio at the forward side and a couple on the back; ground gears; internal coolant via spindle; external tool coolant; rotary encoder at both axes, taper air jet.

UHAmi SDHS, Servo-Drive Universal Automatic Milling Head

Servo drive universal automatic milling head UHAmi SDHS_FERMAT 5 axis continuous milling machine

FERMAT’s own servo-drive universal automatic milling head (UHAmi SDHS) rotates ± 180° on 2 axes (A and C), driven by a total of 4 servomotors with pinions, 2 on each rotary axis, master-slave, that eliminates backlash. It has a speed of 5,000 rpm, thanks to 12 bearings on the drive mechanism and an advanced form of lubrication.  With the 4 servomotors, both A and C axes can move simultaneously, allowing uninterrupted, continuous milling using all 5 machine axes at the same time. When the A and/or C axes are not rotating, they are firmly locked in place by hydraulic brakes.

PHAmi 60, Stepless Right Angle Universal Automatic Milling Head

Stepless right angle automatic milling head PHAmi 60_FERMAT machine tool manufacturer

Speed: 10 – 1,700 rpm; Power: 74 kW; Torque: 2,500 Nm; Indexing: 0.001°; Clamping torque: C axis 10,000 Nm; Spindle Taper SK 50 (DIN, ANSI, MAS); Hydraulic tool clamping; Tool clamping force 25 ±15% kN; Ground gears; Through-spindle coolant; External tool coolant; Taper air jet;  C axis range ± 180°; Automatic gear greasing; Quick and seamless indexing, 2 servomotors and gearboxes (master-slave system); Cross roller bearing on C axis.

PHA 37, Right Angle Automatic Milling Head

Right angle automatic milling head PHA 37_attachment side and front view

Automatically attached to the headstock, automatic positioning, automatic tool clamping. Speed: 3,000 rpm; Max power: 37 kW; Max torque (187 rpm): 2,000 Nm; Tool: ISO 50 – DIN 69871; Pull stud: DIN 69872; Indexing: 2.5° (1°); Through-spindle coolant.

UHM 30, Universal Manual Milling Head

Universal Manual Milling Head UHM30

Manually attached to the headstock, manual positioning, automatic tool clamping. Speed: 3,000 rpm; Max power: 30 kW (40 HP); Max torque (150 rpm): 1,600 Nm; Tool: ISO 50 – DIN 69871; Pull stud: DIN 69872; without indexing for setting at any degree or (2,5°/ 2,5° (1°/ 1°)); Through-spindle coolant: optional.

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