From undamaged factory buildings to one of the largest exhibition grounds in the world—the Hanover Fairground—venue for this fall’s machine tool exhibition EMO 2019

February 22, 2019  

It all began when British Occupying Forces organized Germany’s first post-war Export Fair in 1947.  Their aim was two-fold: develop Germany’s exports, which would help the country claw its way out of its economic desolation; and, create a pathway for peaceful growth, putting Germany on its feet, easing the financial burden on Western powers.

GERMANY economic recovery

The thought of Leipzig as a venue, the fairgrounds of which had enjoyed pre-war dominance, was out of the question, as it was now in the Soviet-occupied East Germany.  And, the choice of Dusseldorf, the planners’ favorite, was swatted down by its local officials.  So, Hanover was picked for hosting the event in undamaged factory buildings located in the small township of Laatzen south of the city limit.

Millions of US dollars’ worth of investment was pumped into the area, facilities were constructed, and infrastructure and commerce revitalized.  The first Export Fair was a tremendous success; “between 18 August and 7 September 1947, a total of 1934 export orders valued at 31.6 million US dollars were taken at the exhibition grounds.” (1)

Hanover Fairground

Since then, the phenomenal growth in the fairgrounds have mirrored the astounding success of post-war Germany’s rise as an international powerhouse in modern manufacturing and trade.  The area serves as an ideal location for organizing Europe’s premier manufacturing trade show, EMO, which occurs every two years and is held at the Hanover Fairground for 2 shows, then at the Fiera Milano exhibition center in Milan, Italy, for 1 show.

EMO Hannover 2019

EMO is Europe’s leading metalworking trade fair, a global platform for showcasing all the latest innovations in machine tools, products, and applications, covering all sectors of metalworking technology, and for forging contacts between customers and suppliers.  As the percentage of foreign exhibitors has increased with each successive exhibition, EMO Hannover 2019 is shaping up to hold the title of the world’s most international metalworking trade fair.  Over 1,780 exhibitors from 41 countries have already registered for this year’s show.

EMO Hannover 2019_FERMAT Group

Who’s who at the show

FERMAT at EMO Hannover 2019

Already on the exhibitors’ list, FERMAT’s looking forward to presenting the very best in modern machine tools, CNC horizontal boring mills and accessories.  EMO Hannover 2019 will take place from Monday, September 16th, through Saturday, September 21st, at the Hanover Fairground.  After visiting the trade fair, you can tour the sites of Hanover, taking in the energy of commerce and industry and enjoying the finer arts of culture.


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