German Get-Together

March 6, 2018  

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_meeting in Feb 2018 with German speaking dealers

Last month, FERMAT hosted another of its wildly-popular German gatherings, a two-day gala at the no-nonsense, very proper Marriott in Brno.  The congenial happening allowed FERMAT machine tool dealers from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to rub elbows and learn the latest developments in FERMAT’s ever-expanding portfolio of machine tools and accessories.  Likewise, the dealers had a wonderful opportunity to share their experiences directly with representatives of FERMAT’s sales and engineering/design departments and recommend possible improvements for increasing customer satisfaction, market visibility, and sales.

It all began as a root beer stand

It’s fitting that this international thirst for knowledge should be held at Marriott, a world-wide success story that sprang from the desire to sell cold, mouth-watering A&W root beer.  The entire event ran smoothly in the hotel’s conference room, with plenty of refreshments.

After opening statements, Mr. Jan Ferenc, sales director at FERMAT, thanked the dealers and informed them of the latest good news regarding increased revenue from German-speaking markets.

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_meeting in Feb 2018 with German speaking dealers_Mr. Jan Ferenc going over latest revenue figures

Then, Mr. Michal Dosedla, head of FERMAT’s design/engineering department for headstocks and accessories, introduced both new automatic milling heads driven by servomotors and milling heads with electric spindles, specially made for continuous milling.

New FERMAT automatic milling heads, machine tools and accessories

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_horizontal boring mills_German sales team_Michal Dosedla showing them the latest in automatic milling heads

Models of these prototypes were produced, along with an informational diagram and descriptions, to help dealers and customers recognize the characteristics of the new products.  In addition to being educational, they are also fun to play with.

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_meeting in Feb 2018 with German speaking dealers_models of new FERMAT Automatic Milling Heads to be out on the market soon

Then, other developments in FERMAT’s wide range of machine tools and accessories were discussed, including novel, compact designs, better utilization of pallet systems, and new milling possibilities.  Afterwards, they visited FERMAT’s main manufacturing facilities in Brno, as well as the factory in Prague, where a fresh, snazzy, continuously-controlled vertical turning lathe is in the works.  It’s made of unique composite materials for higher rigidity, reduced vibrations, and a quicker production time.  All were quite impressed.

In total, 17 dealers came to this year’s German language meeting-of-the-minds.  Judging by the enthusiasm and warm reaction of the attendees to the new line of machine tools and accessories, FERMAT is confident that the gathering will have very positive results for market development and sales in 2018.

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