Great Goats in Coats! FERMAT rams the competition in Poznan, 6-9 June 2017, at ITM POLAND 2017 / MACH-TOOL Polska

May 22, 2017  

Nothing could be better for the adventurous machine tool tourist and travelling extraordinaire in western Poland than to slip by Poznan and take in the modern wonders of FERMAT’s own innovation, technology, and machines, i.e., FERMAT’s exhibition of its horizontal boring mills and cylindrical grinders at ITM Polska, in Poznan, Poland, 6-9 June 2017.  The venue will be held at the Poznan fairgrounds, sensibly located next to Poznan’s main train station.

The ties that bind

It’s only fitting that FERMAT, hailing from the Czech Republic, takes a stand (literally) in Poznan, as Poznan and the Czech Republic have so much history in common.  For instance, Poznan’s town hall was completed during the reign of the King Wenceslaus II of Bohemia, who added the Polish crown to his collection of hats in 1300.  The town hall is a remarkable public building adorned with goats, linking this beautifully industrial city on the Warta River to our humble Czech lands.

Poznan Goats clothed in soccer fan club attire

This pair of metallic goats, usually not so well-dressed, burst forth from the town hall in Poznan to butt heads every day at noon.

But, apart from the town hall with its mechanical goats, there’s another relation between Poznan and the Czech Republic.  Poznan is a Sister City (or Twin City) of Brno—the industrial heart of FERMAT’s manufacturing and assembly operations.

Ingres-Harvey-sisters-portrait-1804 Brno and Poznan Sister Cities

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Les soeurs Brno et Poznan, 1804

Poznan and Brno have been Sister Cities since 16 September 1966.

Now, on with the show…

Being one of the largest trade fairs in Poland, ITM offers a unique opportunity to showcase the latest machinery and innovative technologies, as well as a chance to meet business partners from across Europe and the world.  As stated on its website:

ITM Polska provides a great opportunity for presenting own products and the latest technological solutions to international entrepreneurs, which represents nearly 50% of fair participants, and to demonstrate their functions to more than 17 thousand of professionals, including executive managers, engineers, constructors and designers.

FERMAT, a leading European manufacturer of CNC machine tools—horizontal boring mills, cylindrical grinders, milling machines, etc., will showcase its products in the subsection MACH-TOOL (the special exhibition of machine tools and tools), in Pavilion 3 A, Booth 9.

Vaclav II telling you where to go at ITM

See FERMAT’s exhibition on CNC horizontal boring mills (both table-type and floor-type), as well as the other machine tools and accessories it manufactures, and ask FERMAT representatives directly about the advantages FERMAT’s products can bring to your company.  Then, go see the goats.

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