Green Acres is the Place to Be; Cylindrical Grinders are the Life for Me…

December 6, 2016  

Within a year, FERMAT’s cylindrical grinder department, FERMAT Machine Tool, will move into its own, brand-new, bright and shiny production hall on the periphery of Prague.   Snug in its beautiful, bucolic abode filled with fresh air, verdure and the peaceful embrace of nature, FERMAT’s industrial site will crank out world-class cylindrical grinders from the humble village of Radejovice, a fine place to put a factory.

Radejovice_its official municipal website

FERMAT Machine Tool’s on the Move

The new manufacturing plant will start to grow soon from a gorgeous field of green.  Construction will be well underway and running at full speed by Easter, allowing the fun-loving and festive employees in FERMAT’s grinding department plenty of time to celebrate this holiday (as they do every holiday, birthday, anniversary, and chance occasion) in their usual boisterous style.

Michal Bures and Jana Skacelova enjoying Easter festivities at FERMAT Machine Tool

In his timeless painting, Mr. Vaclav Chvatlina captures perfectly the energy and delight of Mr. Michal Bures and Ms. Jana Skacelova thoroughly enjoying last year’s Easter celebrations and team building exercises at FERMAT Machine Tool.

FERMAT Machine Tool began manufacturing its top-notch cylindrical grinders ten years ago after the purchase of an earlier grinder producer, ZEVO Hostivar.  Discarding the old concepts and designs, FERMAT launched an entirely new line of world-class cylindrical grinders that have earned a solid reputation for their excellent performance and jaw-dropping precision.  With their popularity skyrocketing, FERMAT Machine Tool is in the enviable ‘problem’ of needing to expand its manufacturing facilities to keep up with demand.   The new factory will meet the production schedule head on without skipping a beat.

FERMAT Machine Tool's new digs in 2017

The fancy new digs for FERMAT Machine Tool; a modern factory with big glass windows for a relaxing, splendid view of the countryside.

Three in one’s more fun

There are three parts to this new facility, built like a giant ant with no legs.  The administrative section decked out with fine office furniture and lots of sun-loving vegetation will stare directly into its dreamy Arcadian surroundings.   At 700 m2, there is plenty of room for office parties.  A small, cozy electronics workshop of 120 m2 connects the laid-back administrative side with the no-nonsense, by the numbers, 850 m2 assembly hall, where the real work is done.  Here, highly-skilled FERMAT employees put the finishing touches on the very best cylindrical grinders on the market before shipping them to customers worldwide.

FERMAT Cylindrical Grinders from FERMAT Machine Tools_New Factory

Why choose a Cylindrical Grinder from FERMAT Machine Tool?

  • Prime accuracy in grinding of 2 – 4 µm (That is incredibly precise, 2 to 4 micrometers!);
  • Tailor-made technological solutions;
  • Quick delivery;
  • Fast, reliable service;
  • Components available all around the world.

Click on the image below to see the different cylindrical grinders available. Choose the one suitable for your manufacturing needs according to the maximum weight of the workpiece.

FERAMT Machine Tool Products_Categories of Cylindrical Grinders

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