Happy New Year 2019—One More Time!

February 8, 2019  


Are you a little behind on your New Year’s resolutions?  Haven’t been regularly exercising, still eating sweets? Haven’t started a new hobby, quit smoking, or lost weight?  Not to fear; there’s a brand-new New Year, a second chance to revel in untamed festivities and follow them up with promises of self-improvement.  The Chinese New Year (the Year of the Pig) began this week on Tuesday, 5 February 2019.  So, clear your calendar for this weekend, celebrate mightily, go hog wild, and start your New Year’s resolutions all over again, on Monday.

Kick back and relax; enjoy the Year of the Pig

Kick back and relax Enjoy the year of the pig

Not only can it be awesome fun, this might be your lucky year.  In traditional Chinese culture, pigs symbolize wealth, good fortune, and prosperity.  Although they might also convey a tad of wasteful spending, they certainly enjoy life, love entertainment, and they treat themselves well.  And, the bright side of being so utterly materialistic is that they are truly motivated to work hard to attain solid results, big returns.  Carefree and fun-loving, outgoing and gregarious, they energetically and enthusiastically strive for success and are not afraid to venture down new paths in search of profit.

China bridge to a new year

Naturally, there are some over-indulgent, fatalistic, and lazy pigs, too.  But, they’re the ones who satisfy themselves with second-best, cheap rewards, houses of straw or sticks.  All proper pigs worth their salt know hard work and dedication pays off, and the extra effort they spend to perform their job right can save their bacon if times get tough; good fortune well earned.


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