“Here’s looking at you, kid.”

February 22, 2018  

Casablanca Movie 1942 title

That famous line of Humphrey Bogart to Ingrid Bergman in the 1942 movie classic, Casablanca.  Rumor has it that it was either written-in last minute or ad-libbed, based on Bogart teaching Bergman how to play poker on set, in between takes.  No matter the inspiration, it has become an unforgettable part of motion picture genre, an invaluable piece of modern visual art.

So, too, has the following photograph, that of Herr Kai Förster clearly looking at you, ingeniously demonstrating the most practical aspect of FERMAT’s new invention designed to free up space in milling head pick-up stations.  It is FERMAT’s own, light-weight headstock cover plate, made of composite materials tough enough to withstand razor-sharp metal chips, gushing coolant, and the rough grit and grime of machining hefty workpieces of iron and steel, and yet remain svelte and elegant enough to slip on or off by hand.  And you can wear a suit and tie.

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_horizontal boring mills_German sales team_Kai Forster_new composite cover plate for the headstock

Why the cover plate?

When a machine is intended for milling and machining with or without an automatic milling head, the headstock itself must be specifically manufactured, fashioned for use in both functions.  The face of the headstock is made with all the couplings and conduits for hydraulic oil, grease, coolant, and air, as well as the electrical connections, sensors and connecting apparatus for smoothly—and automatically—attaching the milling head onto the headstock.  And, it’s drop-dead necessary that these elements are covered and sealed tight when the automatic milling head is removed, especially when the machine is in operation, milling, boring, machining.

Headstock prepared for automatic milling head without a cover_with explanations of the parts

A description of the components:

A) Balluff sensors (so the machine knows whether or not he head is attached);

B) Electronic connections for the automatic milling head;

C) Couplings for transporting hydraulic oil, grease, coolant, and air;

D) Hydraulic fastening units for automatic clamping;

E) Hirth ring for maximum clamping force and accuracy.

Again, the cover plate protects all these components from being damaged when the automatic milling head is not attached.

Headstock prepared for automatic milling head without a cover

A wafer-thin cover plate weighing only 6 kg

FERMAT’s crack team of engineers designed this dandy bit of kit with FERMAT’s WFT table-type horizontal boring mills specifically in mind.  Mobile WFT ‘dog houses’ (pick-up stations that slide over to the column for exchanging the automatic milling head, then discretely step aside) have only 2 slots available: one for the automatic milling head and the other for the heavy, metallic cover plate.

Mobile dog house for FERMAT WFT Table type horizontal boring mills

The dog house trots over when called, allowing the machine to slip on or off the automatic milling head and store or retrieve the metal cover plate.

Two heads are better than one: increasing manufacturing potential and efficiency in production

Thanks to FERMAT’s new wafer-thin cover plate, instead of storing an automatic milling head in one slot and a heavy metallic cover plate in the other, you can have two automatic milling heads stashed away in the same dog house and place your nifty 6 kg cover plate to the side, for quick manual attachment at a hand’s reach.  Nothing could be easier; it saves space, opens up more machining possibilities by utilizing additional types of automatic milling heads, and it makes the most of the space available along the Y-axis.

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_horizontal boring mills_German sales team_new 6 kilogram composite cover plate for the headstock_for WFT table type horizontal boring mills

In closing, for those not familiar with the movie Casablanca, or the famous line etched in movie lore, here’s something for you to be looking at, kid.

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