How to build a Monster Machine: FERMAT’s WRF 160 Heavy, from Start to Finish

April 4, 2017  

A new time-lapse video from 2015 is out showing FERMAT’s gargantuan WRF 160 Heavy z 1600 getting assembled, piece by piece, in Brno, Czech Republic.  From a well-machined, sturdy bed rises the largest class of titanic CNC horizontal boring mills, stacked, fastened and fitted with all its intricate parts, into a towering beast that eats cast iron and steel for breakfast.

True, it’s a little fast, but if you keep your eye on the bouncing ball (and follow the diagram below), you, too, can make a CNC monster machine of your very own; a project the likes of which neither you nor your neighbors will ever forget.

Note: The moniker “z 1600” stands for the length of the ram stroke (1,600 mm).  FERMAT’s WRF 160 z 1500 has a ram stroke of 1,500 mm; and it’s slightly smaller than its taller brother, z 1600.

Diagram FERMAT's WRF 160 Heavy

FERMAT’s industrial-size CNC horizontal boring mill for home or factory use. Note: a very large garage or warehouse is recommended for home use. Do not touch tools when spinning. Keep away from water when plugged in.


  1. A) Headstock; B) Column; C) Slide; D) Clamping plate; E) CNC Rotary table; F) Table bed, longitudinal, V axis; G) Column bed, transverse, X axis; (H) Table bed for Tilting CNC Rotary table with cover; (I) Coolant; (J) KUKA Robotic tool changer; (K) Pick-up station for Milling heads, aka The Dog House; (L) Chip conveyor; (M) Operator cabin.

A double column of cast iron protecting a fully-enclosed headstock makes this giant floor-type horizontal boring mill with a 160 mm spindle diameter one of the most rigged, unbending heavyweight sluggers on the market.    With a spindle extension on the W axis of 1,000 mm; cross travel on the X axis up to 28,100 mm; headstock vertical travel on the Y axis up 10,000 mm; ram stroke on the Z axis of 1,600 mm, this herculean machine tool handles any workpiece modern industry demands.

Quick Facts

The spindle’s driven by a Siemens motor with a two-speed transmission utilizing 3 belts.  The advantage is in case the machine operator crashes the machine, the belt rips, thereby preventing damage to the motor.  It’s much easier to change a belt than repair a motor.

The machine boasts a double column, ribbed for greater rigidity, consisting of both a wide and a narrow column and an upper connecting plate.  Altogether, it weighs around 50 metric tons and doesn’t budge.

The ram extends sliding along 6 Hardox slats, with the position ensured through direct measurements.

The CNC rotary table has a maximum load-bearing capacity up to 100 metric tons and rides on four linear guideways along the table bed.

FERMAT designs and manufactures all its main components, such as headstocks, beds, columns, CNC rotary tables, and even milling heads, guaranteeing perfection and flawless performance.  All other parts not made in-house are secured from world-renown suppliers and held with a large stock of spare parts in FERMAT’s extensive warehouse and manufacturing facilities in Brno, Czech Republic.

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