Hungary’s still Hungry for FERMAT Machine Tools; a 20-year milestone for Fermat Gépek Kft.

November 14, 2018  

Budapest Hungary Parliament on the Danube

Riding a solid demand for high-quality machine tools in Hungary, FERMAT’s local branch, Fermat Gépek Kft., has been supplying customers with powerful and precise horizontal boring mills and accessories for over two decades.

Modern Manufacturing, Smart Employment

Hungary_economic data_Eurostat_Employment in high-and-medium-high manufacturing and knowledge-intensive service sectors

According to the EU’s brainy number-crunchers at Eurostat, much of this enthusiasm for powerful and precise machine tools comes from a healthy percentage of the Hungarian economy’s reliance on high-and-medium-high technology manufacturing and knowledge-intensive service sectors that depend on the excellent performance top-quality machines.  In 2017, a whopping 9.8% of the total employment in Hungary was tied directly to these sectors.  Moreover, with manufacturing having the highest multiplier effect, consumer demand’s generated for more durable goods, which stimulates further economic activity, manufacturing and sales.

Value Added in GDP thanks to Manufacturing, up by 4.0% in second quarter 2018

Hungarian Central Statistical Office_Volume indices of production of gross domestic product (GDP)

A direct peek at the percentage of value added per sector as part of GDP year-on-year (as posted by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office) shows that by the second quarter of 2018, the value added in GDP thanks to manufacturing had risen by 4.0%. And, buoyed by the substantial 7.7% growth in value added as part of GDP in wholesale/retail/accommodation/food services, this indicates manufacturing is on the right path.  Manufacturing will increase to meet this fast-growing demand in goods and services.

A blast from the past

FERMAT in the news.  Here’s an article from the Nógrád County Hírlap, March 1999, describing the participation of Fermat Gépek Kft. in the Mach-Tech trade fair, demonstrating FERMAT’s solid, and newsworthy, inclusion in the market for over 20 years.

Nograd County Hirlap_March 1999_Fermat Gepek Kft.

The present, and a very promising future

And, below is a link to a recent video highlighting FERMAT’s continuing cooperation with a long-time customer who’s a dominant player in the Hungarian industrial goods market.  With such an excellent, well-earned reputation, the future for Fermat Gépek Kft. looks bright indeed.

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