In 2016, Global Electricity Consumption was 24,816.4 TWh. (To grasp this number, imagine counting each watt… for 786,925,562.36 years.)

February 9, 2018  

Like the old saying goes, “Electricity doesn’t grow on trees; it grows in the clouds.”  But, harnessing it is rather tricky. Instead, to drive our modern economy forward and enjoy the luxuries we’ve come to love, such as lighting, indoor plumbing, the Internet, smartphones, and electric tea kettles, we’ve resorted to playing Zeus and making our own.

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_horizontal boring mills_used to make machines that make electricity_Zeus_Typhon

Zeus striking Typhon with lightning, detail from Chalcidian black-figure hydria c. 540-530 B.C., BC. Munich, Antikensammlungen

Although the process is rather complicated, in short you would have nothing (zip, zero, zilch) without machine tools to cut and shape the iron, steel, and other metal components going into the devices generating electricity or those conduits delivering it—nice and tidy—to your trusty electrical outlet.

FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_horizontal boring mills_cave art

For our hard-core Luddite fans who receive their handwritten FERMAT updates by horse and buggy, yes, all this energy is still important to you; as important as the food on your table.  Without power generation and electricity, there’s no industry, no commerce, no trade, no transport, no food.  Who raises his own crops and livestock in total isolation, independent of seed, feed or fertilizer, using only hand-wrought tools and drinking water from a creek?  Living the life of a stone-age farmer or hunter/gatherer isn’t as romantic as you might think, despite the fancy cave art and really cool stone axes.


Historisches Museum Bern, Stone axes shown in various phases of fashioning, The stone heads are from the Neolithic settlement of Vinel, Picture provided by Sandstein under license CC BY 3.0

FERMAT Machine tool manufacturer_supplies WRF series floor type horizontal boring mills to A&D Precision

Machining complex components and assemblies for gas turbines & industrial applications

FERMAT’s Canadian customer, A&D Precision, has built a solid reputation as the ‘go-to’ company for spot-on custom machining and manufacturing of complex parts and assemblies required by the largest energy and industrial OEMs in North America.

manufacturing gas turbines_Canada_FERMAT machine tool manufacturer_wrf floor type_oversize horizontal boring mill_WRF 150

In addition to the four large FERMAT WRF 150 floor-type horizontal boring mills shown above, A&D Precision also operates an additional two gigantic FERMAT WRF 160 Heavy floor-type horizontal boring mills, two FERMAT rugged table-type horizontal boring mills, WFT 13, and one FERMAT ingenious crosswise table-type horizontal boring mill, WFC 10.  Moreover, to compliment this awesome array of milling and machining, A&D Precision has ordered FERMAT’s new, state-of-the-art vertical turning machine, which will appreciably enhance its already impressive manufacturing capabilities.

A&D Precision creates components which go into a wide range of machines for industrial applications beyond just energy production.  As described on its website, “Parts manufactured by A&D can be found performing critical tasks in many industries globally.”  A quick glance at their customers gives you a clear idea of their integration into the heavyweight economic activities shaping our everyday lives.

FERMAT Machine tool manufacturer_supplies WRF series floor type horizontal boring mills to A&D Precision_customers

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