In the Market for a Horizontal Machining Center (HMC)? Consider the less-expensive & extremely precise alternative—FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC

December 13, 2016  

FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC can do the job at a fraction of the price.  With its fixed column providing excellent rigidity, its ingenious crosswise CNC rotary table construction (the table moves flawlessly in both X and Z axes), and a spindle diameter of 100 mm (or optional 110 mm), this compact, powerful and precise CNC horizontal boring mill outperforms all competition in the market for machining small and medium-size workpieces.

WFC 10 CNC crosswise table bed

FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC crosswise table bed

Sporting a muscular engine (more powerful than what you get with a horizontal machining center for the price), a handsome spindle speed of 5,000 rpm, and high spindle torque (S1-100% = 823Nm, S3-60% = 971Nm), FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC ensures outstanding machining of workpieces weighing up to 5 metric tons on its superbly designed CNC rotary table (the rotary B axis with an excellent positional accuracy of 4 arc sec. 0.010 mm/ 1,000 mm radius).

Table for FERMAT's WFC 10 CNC

FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC’s rotary table with a fancy red ‘collar.’

Its fixed column and robust build eliminates vibrations and keeps machining on track.  The CNC rotary table glides seamlessly along smooth box guideways or linear guideways.   With an automatic pallet changer, FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC is the smart, cost-effective alternative to an HMC.

Diagram of FERMAT's WFC 10 CNC

Diagram of FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC, a superb crosswise CNC horizontal boring mill that beats an HMC at its own game.

Another advantage is WFC 10 CNC’s long spindle extension—730 mm along the W axis—something unavailable with an HMC.  This benefit allows FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC to machine straight into the center of workpiece, to the center of the table, with extreme precision.  If you’d want to do the same type of operation on a standard HMC, you would need to buy very expensive accessories.  A standard HMC simply can’t do it.

A video showing FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC executing gun drilling, circular interpolation, face milling, and side cutting, set to some groovy 1970s action music, can be seen here.

You can have your cake and eat it too

FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC is a solid-framed, heavy-duty, yet small and compact, horizontal boring mill with an X axis up to 2 meters, a Z axis of 1.25 meters, and (most importantly) a Y axis up to 2 meters.  So, milling and machining bulky workpieces is no problem.  Manufacturing possibilities aren’t limited to what can be done on a HMC; FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC can do much more.  It has greater power and a wider range of machining potential.

General Post Office, Abids South 2 St, Troop Bazaar, Abids, Hyderabad, Telangana 500001, India.

Mr. Russel Karimov, FERMAT’s Sales Manager for India, snapped this photo while waiting in line at the General Post Office, Abids South 2 St, Troop Bazaar, Abids, Hyderabad, Telangana 500001, India.

Mr. Russel Karimov, FERMAT’s Sales Manager for India, explains how a recent customer from Hyderabad, who manufactures components for the wind power industry, compared FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC to an HMC which he was also considering. Mr. Karimov explains how the customer chose FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC thanks to its many advantages over the HMC:

In addition to its boring spindle with high torque and spindle extension of 730 mm, and its CNC rotary table with a load bearing capacity of 5 metric tons, FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC also boasts certain features which are hard to match (or impossible to have) for the same price with an HMC.  FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC has through-spindle coolant with pressure up to 70 bars, FERMAT’s special zero point clamping system (or speed clamps), and a wide range of powerful manual milling heads.

Taking all of this into account, plus an ATC with up to 40 tools (or a KUKA robot with up to 210 tools), rapid traverse along X, Y, Z axes up to 28 m/min, and the machine’s new, even cleaner, more practical design, FERMAT’s WFC 10 CNC is the obvious choice.  It can perform all the complicated machining techniques that an HMC can (on workpieces weighing up to 5 metric tons), and it has all the advantages of a solidly-built, small but robust CNC horizontal boring mill, providing the manufacturer with more business opportunities.  One machine can do it all.

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