Indian Update; IMTEX 2019, FERMAT’s standing tall in Hall 4, Stall B-108, showing off its brand-new WFT 13 CNC with a FANUC robot tool changer

January 29, 2019  

For two more days at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), you can see FERMAT’s best-selling table-type horizontal boring mill, WFT 13 CNC, with a new twist—not just a FANUC control system, but also a FANUC robot tool changer.  The partnership with FANUC is a natural choice for the Indian market, where the brand commands wide respect and is a trusted name in  advanced manufacturing.

A featured display

IMTEX 2019 Product Displays

FERMAT’s Indian office has done a fine job of promoting the company as can be seen on the Product Displays section of IMTEX’s 2019 website, with a lead to a snazzy PDF which is both informative and solidly handsome.

FERMAT Group at IMTEX 2019

Still standing tall, and sitting pretty, through the 30th

IMTEX 2019 FERMAT's stall B 108 in Hall 4

Drop by FERMAT’s exhibit in Hall 4, Stall B-108, and see first-hand FERMAT’s WFT 13 CNC table-type horizontal boring mill with a FANUC control system—and a FANUC robot tool changer (capacity 105 tools).  Both Mr. Russ Karimov, FERMAT’s sales representative for India, and Mr. Jan Ferenc, sales director at FERMAT, are manning the booth, along with other members of the FERMAT Indian team, ready to answer any and all questions you may have.  Hurry, there’s only one day left after today; then, FERMAT wraps it up and takes it home… except for the machine, which stays with a happy customer in India.

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