Introducing FERMAT’s WFT 15 R with an innovative, rack-and-pinion table travel along X axis

January 16, 2018  

FERMAT_table type horizontal boring mill_X axis over 7 meters long_load bearing capacity 25 metric tons_WFT 15 R

Ever-ready to tackle problems head on, FERMAT has built a special table-type horizontal boring mill with an X axis 7.7 meters long for a customer in Slovenia.  It’s FERMAT’s hard-hitting table-type horizontal boring mill WFT 15 R CNC, which boasts a spindle diameter of 150 mm, spindle extension of 730 mm, and a ram travel of 700 mm for deftly cutting deep into the center of huge iron and steel workpieces.

large cnc rotary table_rack and pinion_x axis over 7 meters long_table type horizontal boring mill WFT 15 R

The beauty of this Adriatic adventure is its custom-made 2.5 x 5-meter rotary table capable of holding up to 25 metric tons.  Because the X axis is so long (7.7 meters), the conventional approach of using a ball screw to traverse it was out of the question.  So, FERMAT’s brainy and bright designers came up with the perfect solution.  They attached 2 motors (one on each side of the undercarriage) to drive the rotary table along an extremely precise, meticulously built rack-and-pinion route.

master slave motor_25 metric ton_cnc rotary table_rack and pinion_x axis over 7 meters long_table type horizontal boring mill WFT 15 R

Moreover, to guarantee complete 100% positioning accuracy for extremely precise machining, FERMAT’s eagle-eyed craftsmen equipped all 5 axes, X, Y, Z, W, and V with Heidenhain linear scales.  To top it off, they outfitted this hefty bellowing beast of a table-type horizontal boring mill with FERMAT’s own stepless universal automatic milling head, for perfect execution of nearly all machining techniques.  You can’t get better than that.

Stepless universal automatic milling head and FERMAT large table type horizontal boring mill WFT 15 R_ram stroke

The company that’s pleased as punch with FERMAT’s tailor-made solution hails from Slovenia and manufactures workpieces exclusively for Liebherr.


Our Slovenian friends have been utilizing the power and precision of a FERMAT WRF 160 CNC since 2010, so turning to FERMAT to crack the code for a table-type horizontal boring mill with an X axis that long, without compromising anything in quality of production (especially when they have a customer as demanding as Liebherr) was the logical choice.

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