Investing in Education; FERMAT’s long-term cooperation with trade schools… along the US-Soviet Demarcation Line

April 25, 2017  

In modern industry, the name of the game is computer numerical control.  Finding a qualified workforce able to integrate the various technical and creative aspects of designing and carrying out solutions in manufacturing is no easy task.  To foster the best qualities and skills in potential employees of tomorrow, FERMAT gladly sponsors contests for local trade schools, promoting excellence and instilling the drive to succeed when facing difficult and stressful tasks.

PRESSL Refabricated and modernized used cnc horizontal boring mills

A recent contest was organized for students in their 3rd and 4th year of studies in mechanical engineering at the leading trade school in Rokycany, a small town in West Bohemia not far from Plzen, which happens to be the hometown of PRESSL, FERMAT’s subsidiary repairing, modernizing and retrofitting older CNC machine tools.  PRESSL and the local trade school (Stredni Skola Jerabinova v Rokycanech) has cooperated for many years, not only in contests, but also through valuable, supervised, practical experience where students learn the ins-and-outs of manufacturing at PRESSL’s facilities.

This time, the students had to develop an NC program with a Hedenhain iTNC 530 drawing station according to given documentation. Their results were measured through a live CNC machining test, proving their ability to create a program for CNC processing—without PC support.  Congratulations!

An interesting educational side note is that Rokycany was the site of the demarcation line at the end of WWII, where US and Soviet forces met, and split, occupation of Czechoslovakia.  The US 3rd Army under General George S. Patton surged into Czechoslovakia in the waning days of the war, liberating towns and cities in Western Bohemia.  Rokycany itself was liberated on the 7th of May by troops of the 9th regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, whose courage and fighting spirit is duly represented by a symbol of the American West emblazoned on their shoulder sleeve insignia.

2nd Infantry Division shoulder sleeve insignia

A brochure published by the US Embassy in The Czech Republic contains a detailed history of the major events of the liberation of Western Czechoslovakia by the US 3rd Army in the final weeks of WWII.

And for those of us who truly enjoy old newsreels which capture the moment in vivid reality, here is a unique window into history—the surrender of the 11th Panzer Division, in the village of Neumark (today named Vseruby), Czechoslovakia, 05/05/1945, right on the German border.

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