Keeping Oil and Gas Flowing in Qatar

February 3, 2016  

FERMAT’s at the heart of the world’s economy, providing machine tools used in mining, manufacturing and heavy industry across the globe.  Its latest delivery to the Middle East, its rugged, hard-nosed, table-type horizontal boring mill WFT 13 CNC, with a spindle diameter of 130 mm, a robust build, a powerful headstock and the most precise rotary table in its category, is machining oil and gas valves critical for controlling the passage of fossil fuels through miles of pipes and ducts.

FERMAT Journeys to the Emirate of Qatar

This carefully regulated flow of energy snaking across desert sands feeds our fast-paced economies always hungry for a reliable source: as FERMAT’s recent customer in Qatar knows, there is a fortune to be made when manufacturing runs smoothly and a fortune to be lost when it breaks down. Therefore, selecting the right machine tools is essential for successful manufacturing, something which is not lost upon the company’s production manager.

Mr. Ladislav Valdman, FERMAT’s Sales Manager for the region, visited the new customer in Qatar after attending the successful SteelFab 2016 trade show in Sharjah, UAE, and describes how FERMAT’s WFT 13 CNC gained the manufacturer’s confidence:

The production manager’s decision was based on a thorough examination of the performance and efficiency our machine tools, along with a detailed comparison of our machines and accessories, and their costs, to that of our competition.  FERMAT’s excellent evaluation, its solid reputation, and the outstanding service network of our local distributor, Eurogulf, convinced him to go with our best-selling, table-type CNC horizontal boring mill, FERMAT’s WFT 13 CNC.

FERMAT guarantees the highest quality and performance to its customers around the world.  Its innovation and technology bring clear benefits to manufacturing activities across a range of industries.  FERMAT’s machine tools support growth, boost commerce, and help create the very mechanism which fuel the world’s economies.

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