May 5, 2016  

With the exception of cast iron and brass which are usually machined dry, most metal and steel workpieces require coolant and lubrication to protect it, and the cutting tool used, from becoming overheated from the incredible amount of friction generated from the fast-and-furious cutting power of modern CNC machine tools like FERMAT’s best-selling table-type horizontal boring mill WFT 13 CNC.  The high temperatures created while metalworking (or fluctuations in temperatures) can deform and ruin the desired properties of metal and steel.  This can lead to serious, even dangerous consequences.  Stopping production every once in a while to let the workpiece and cutting tool cool down is out of the question—it would be a costly waste of time; you would lose your wallet.

CNC Regulated Through Spindle Coolant System, Economical Version with Paper Filter

To beat the problem, FERMAT offers two types of very affordable CNC regulated through-spindle coolant systems to allow customers to maximize machining potential and keep the chips flying.  Both units deliver an oil-water emulsion pumped through the spindle and (via a tiny hole in the tip of the cutting tool) directly onto the surface of the workpiece, thereby cooling and lubricating both the surface of the workpiece and the cutting instrument itself.

One system is more economical, employing a paper filter which must be removed by hand; the other is a self-cleaning operation with a magnetic separator removing tiny metal chips from the emulsion as it is circulated through the machine, guaranteeing a longer life between servicing and requiring the absolute minimum maintenance and upkeep.

You can see a video here describing the two systems in a special behind the scenes look shot recently at FERMAT’s production facilities in Brno, Czech Republic.

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